Summer is in full flow 2019..

I really need to start blogging more , what a season it has been so far I have been so lucky to be part of so many ladies special days. I will blog about a few soon I promise. Your wedding day its so special. I have mentioned this before but being married myself and having my wedding here in Ibiza I get so caught up in all the emotion of everyone day. Ibiza bring a certain vibe to weddings here. People often say to me have I ever had any bridezillas and the answer is no.  Every bride here is normally super excited for their day ahead and just beaming with happiness. I am getting many wedding bookings for 2020 & 2021 so don’t leave it too late to enquire. Also I will be doing trails in the UK at The Salon Southport which is just north of Liverpool . If your interested message me for dates.

But I just wanted to come on here and say hi and that the island is busier than ever. Its hot hot hot and am loving summer 2019!


Kellie xxx

Summer 2019

I have just returned back from a wonderful 12 days in the UK for Easter and work. I met 3 of my Ibiza brides to beat The Salon for summer 2019 too.

Arriving back in Ibiza the island has definitely changed everything is starting to open and lots of tourists around plus the sunshine is back… While I was in the UK for Easter I had better weather than here in Ibiza which was unusual but fantastic too. Now its all about to start I write this its the 1st May and this weekend starts my wedding season, I cant wait …. I have been on a few courses this winter so excited to showcase my new skills.

I am going to start blogging a lot more on work and Ibiza . I am about to start a new chapter and am excited to where its going to take me . Lets enjoy this season and life…

Ibiza season 2018 has been a pleasure…

So as I sit here and write this blog I cant believe its October.. Ibiza season 2018 has been a busy hot and enjoyable one. So yesterday was the last closing of the season that was DC10 so now the island is beginning to start to feel like its going into winter mode.. Many people ask me what’s it like in winter, its unreconisable to many people as most places start too close, roads are quiet and Ibiza has time to recover from the summer gone. Also of course the weather gets cooler but until December we still get beach days.

I love this island in the winter, yes I would love direct flights from the north of the UK even midlands would be good. Yes I would love a few more places open especially as I live in playa dem bossa and it literally becomes a ghost town. But there is something special about this time of year too.

I work part time here in Ibiza in the winter getting back to being a hairdresser colouring, cutting  and styling my Ibiza residents hair. Its nice to get back to the day job.. ha ha . Even though I am becoming bridal hair obsessed even more so then when I got married. I do also love winter as I get to blog more and talk to my future brides to be. If you would like to arrange a bridal chat please get in touch and we can arrange this. Living on the island all year and getting married here myself I can give a few helpful tips and tricks.

The next few weeks I will be blogging on a few weddings from this summer. I have one more wedding of the season and I am very excited to be part of it as its Natasha a well known photographer on the island .

I want to take this moment to Thank everyone who has given me some great opportunitys this summer . Also my main girl on Make up Hannah their is no I in team and that’s what makes the dreamteam. Also all the fab photographers for letting me share your images. But mainly all my beautiful brides thank you for letting me be part of your day. I love what I do and love to create your hair looks for your main day and be part of your bridal journey. Hopefully see some of you again in Ibiza for all your hair needs….

Over and out and re,member to be stylistic…



Elixir Bride Kerri….

July 1st 2018 the wedding day of Kerri had arrived. The wedding venue the breath taking Elixir at Cala Tarida. Kerri had booked me and Hannah of Eyebizamakeup for her wedding day. The morning started at 8 am at the Hawaii Hotel then heading to Kerri’s villa afterwards, her and bridal party all waiting. The wedding preparation was such a fun morning, you could tell these girlys have such a strong friendship. Their was nothing but laughter and smiles all the time me and Hannah worked away. Their is nothing quite like the wedding morning getting often afternoons too, as weddings here are often later due to the heat of course.. The music was playing drinks flowing, excitement in the air. If you could bottle it up am sure it would be worth fortunes….

I first met Kerri last October when she was over to check out her venue Elixir. She had a trial with me and Hannah which went well even though we changed her hair twice over , just a few little peeks here and their. On the day we knew the exact hair look the bride wanted and it fitted perfect with her style of dress. Your hair is their to complement your dress. Wear your hair and make up how you feel pretty and take into consideration the heat. The bridemaid’s all had different hair types and lengths but I created a similar simple romantic up for each of them. I really liked their hair looks… The gorgeous mother of the bride had her hair and make up done and the smile on her face when she seen herself said it all. She looked amazing ..


Kerri had flew a photographer over from the UK I will put her details below and her images are just beautiful! When me and Hannah left Kerri was just about to get dressed , so I didn’t see her till we where kindly sent some pictures and this little video below. Kerri you looked stunning and your hubby scrubbed up well too. But their was one little princess of the day, their little girl who was just adorable … Thanks for letting us be part of your day and maybe see you around in Ibiza again soon xxxx


Hair – Kellie Stylistic Hair Ibiza

Mua – Hannah Eyebizamakeup

Photocraphy –

October brides… The Weddding of Naomi ..

October here in Ibiza is a hidden gem especially for weddings, The weather is still normally gorgeous not too hot just nice. The pools and the sea are at a warm temperature due to the heat in peak summer and the air is calmer due to most of the big clubs closed. But what it offers is quieter beaches relaxed atmosphere’s in restaurants beach bars.. I just love this month…


Last year early October stylistic had the pleasure to be part of Naomi’s special day. The day was held in Hotel Sensatori which is based in Cala tarida where you get to see the most iconic Ibiza sunsets. This hotel is also perfect for a family wedding, as the hotel caters for every ages, with the most stunning sea views.

Me and Hannah arrived at the hotel to be greeted by the two bridesmaids and set off to the hotel room to set up our pop up salon for all hair & Make up. There were quite a few getting hair & make up done so a few weeks prior to the wedding me and the bride had a bridal call where I rang Naomi and we discussed who was getting what done, each of their hair types and hair ideas and came up with a schedule . I find this makes the preparation run more smoothly and you can give people timings to come to the room rather than everyone gathering their all day.  So with our schedule sorted we started the bridal squad prep. It was a gorgeous day and Naomi had a amazing swim up room, perfect environment to start your wedding day. The atmosphere was special with all Naomi’s special people in her life there getting ready for her wedding day. There is no buzz like it!  







Naomi had decided to wear her hair half up half down in a soft curl. Again in October you have more choices with hair and make up options as the temperatures aren’t so high. The bridal party’s color was stunning soft grey for the bridesmaids and the flowers complemented the look so well. The bridesmaids had a choice how ever they wanted to wear their hair , so each bridesmaids went for a different look but we kept the theme the same, romantic hair . Here is one of the bridesmaids looks below….




The girls where a gorgeous group so not so difficult to style and glam up.When we had finished all hair and make up with time to spare we went on our way and wished Naomi all the best for her wedding day… There is no other buzz like it. Knowing your about to get married mixed with so many emotions. I could see that smile on Naomi’s face and just looking at her pictures she is ozzing happiness and looks stunning.  As you can aslo see from the pictures below what a perfect sunny wedding day it was…



Hair – Stylistic Hair Ibiza

MUA –  Eyebiza Make up

Photography -Samie Lee Photography

Back in Ibiza and getting ready for 2018….

So I spent 6 weeks over Christmas and the New Year in the UK, postives of course seeing all my family and friends and being part of their every day life, being back in The Salon full time enjoying working as part of a team and gaining a new member of the team too.. A mini make over for The salon consisting of a freshen up of the paint work and a whole new lighting system . I have had my salon now called THE SALON 11 years and its going strong which makes me so so happy. I just love working in their like I have always said it was my first baby that I created and built up. When you love what you do you only want one way for it to go and that’s onwards and upwards.

The negatives have to be the weather….. Now I sit here and write this as I look out the window here in Ibiza its raining but tomorrow is going to be glorious and that’s the thing here we may get bad days or even a few days on a row in winter but you know its not going to be long term , The sunshine will be back soon and that’s why I love living here. I just wish I could transport family and friends here too! ha. But hey ho, not long till direct flights start rom the North soon.

Last week and this week I have been doing all my regular Ibiza resident client’s, who I am forever grateful to for waiting for me while I have been away. 7 years this April I moved here and that’s 7 years of commuting for the two businesses and building a loyal clientele up, When I think of this is makes me think wow! But I must say, by having the business in Southport and here in Ibiza its developed my skills a lot as I am always learning from my stylists at The Salon and of course keeping my bridal skills updated with regular courses when I go back the UK. I also purchased a new gadget when I was back in the UK and cant wait to use my GHD curve wand to create fabulous beach waves.

I am excited for this year to come and for the season to start here in Ibiza. Yes I love the tranqulity of winter time but I am also too much of a busy bee who likes things going on too. This year when I am speaking to brides I am feeling very excited I think because I was a Ibiza bride myself I can relate so much to it all, but also I know what your day is going to be like , I still smile like a Cheshire cat when thinking of my big day. Your day is going to be amazing too as your choosing to marry here in Ibiza. The beautiful white isle.

If you would like to get in touch for your bridal hair and make up journey then please get in touch and even schedule a bridal phone call with me to chat about your hair ideas .

Kellie X


Is this your wedding year?

I always say to my brides  enjoy the bridal journey as its one that you will always remember. From the minute I got engaged and I know other brides too, I was all set out to plan plan plan. Magazines bought the next day! When the clock strikes midnight on New years eve that’s it , its your wedding year. Hens dos, bridal fittings, bridesmaids lunches and maybe another hen do…

I say why not go for it , Celebrate everything , When dates are confirmed , your dress arriving, buying your wedding shoes… A wedding organiser is key to plan all the details and of course the dreaded budget. Of course if your getting married on the Island that is Ibiza you must visit to check out your wedding venue and maybe meet your planner. Also any excuse to get away and even more so to Ibiza…

Ibiza is getting so popular each year getting busier and busier with weddings, I can see why this is. The island is so one of a kind. MAGICAL.

Here are a few little tips…

  • Be in contact with your wedding planner but don’t panic when they don’t respond straight away…
  • Each day of each month in Ibiza their is a wedding so don’t panic your time will come for all the final planning and attention from your planner
  • Sun cream and strapless swimsuits or strapless bikini’s you don’t want to look burnt or have tan lines
  • Follow all your people your using, florists, hairstylists. MUA and more all on social media
  • Pinterest boards!!
  • Planning and being organized the morning of your wedding makes it more enjoyable
  • Don’t have your room overcrowded when getting ready the morning of your big day
  • ENOY it all……..

I cant wait to meet my brides of 2018 UK and Ibiza, its going to be a great year!



Ibiza Brides 2017

The wedding of Charlotte was a beautiful wedding which took place at the stunning Elixlir .

A wedding is always a special day but here in Ibiza its extra special, the sun shines everyone of your guests in holiday mode. What more do you want.. Most weddings are held in the afternoon the bridal preparation is very relaxed and easy going. We  normally start around mid day, as most weddings are from 3pm onwards here in Ibiza.

Charlotte and the girls are a gorgeous group of ladies. So it wasn’t difficult to enhance their beauty. Charlotte had been to my salon in the UK for a bridal consultation as belive it or not her dad lives in the same town (small world). We discussed her desired hair look and overall look for her wedding and her bridesmaids.

Charlotte was happy for her bridesmaids to have their hair how they wanted as long as it blended with the overall theme of the wedding. What she did was bought a hair ornament for them all, so even with different hair styles they each had this in place which connected their hair look which I thought was a great idea. Also all bridesmaids where happy as they could have what they felt  most comfortable and relaxes with. It was a hot July day so all ladies decided to wear their hair up. A few with braids but all Boho romantic hair looks, One look was a soft simple low knot and yet it looked so effective and elegant. Sometimes less is more. Charlotte had 6 bridesmaids so it was fun for me to create different hair looks for each of them and also to chat to them all. I just loved being a part of it all. A wedding morning is full of emotions, make sure yours is everything you want it to be.

It was a very relaxed morning with the girls having breakfast, chatting and giggling away. They where very happy indeed with a lot of excitement in the air. I believe the bridal preparation is something to look forward to and enjoy so much. Its so fun to get ready with your girly friends and family. As you can see from the pictures the girls did nothing but smile. The girls robes too add to make a perfect picture.


Final touches to the brides hair..
The first look at The Bride… Just STUNNING!



Here are the Gorgeous ladies and their real life princess Bride. I loved the colour scheme too and the difference in the dresses. Three had one style and the other three had the other style. Can we just add to how elegant are their flower corsages on their wrists rather than a bouquet. very cool alternative… Amazing day had by all and thank you for letting me be part of it. Enjoy married life MR & MRS Lewis x

Happy is the bride that the sun shines on…


Photography by Matt Morgan…

Stylistics Summer

Its been a summer of blushing brides, intense heatwaves, a million tourists and Fabulous hair and its not over yet….

This summer the heat intensified very early on and so did wedding season. Ibiza truly is a amazing place to get married. Each summer there are more and more brides choosing Ibiza as their wedding destination and I can totally see why.. Ibiza is where dreams are created and made..

Now what a summer it has been for stylistic I have just loved meeting all our brides and being part of your special day and their is many more brides still to come this month and October…  Bridal looks this summer are a mixture romantic, bohemian, sexy and classic … Hairstyles are just excelling with hair pieces and extensions. With added hair we can create looks your hair may not.. So remember this when choosing your bridal style pondering over Pinterest, speak to your hairstylist for the day and see if they recommend hair pieces to create your look.. The great thing about hair extensions or hair pieces is that they hold a curl or waves better than your own hair. So your look will stay that way all day…

Stylistic is all about hair, coming into my 18th year hairdressing (yes that makes me feel old) I am just loving the new hair trends.. Styling and bridal hair has become a massive part of my business and as a true Scouser I do love a bouncy blow dry… Its such a femine look… Hair this summer has been about wanded waves, boho braids and more….

A little tip when your here in Ibiza especially if your a bride to be. or if you wearing hair extensions. The water here is very harsh so a little trick I do, on your final rinse when washing your hair use bottled water, this will put some moisture back into your hair and leave it feeling fresh… Another little tip silk pillow cases are the way forward for stopping hair matting, Maybe bring one with you… A girl has to do what a girl has to do to keep her hair at its best now.

Ibiza every year is becoming more and more glamorous and stylistic is here for all your HAIR needs…

Now with more brides to come I cant wait to meet you all.. During the winter I will write blog posts on some summer brides and showcase their hair.

Hasta Pronto

Kellie xxxxx




Mexico Dream’s

When your little brother gets engaged, your over the moon for him and his fiancée. Then he tells you the wedding is in Mexico!!! Well you become ecstatic!!! Not only a family holiday of a lifetime but a wedding too! Two things I LOVE most!!!

Getting married abroad and only dealing with all your bridal details over email can be stressful for any bride but anything you do in the U.K before your arrival can only help matters! Katie the bride my now sister in law! Took control of lots of things UK side including having her flowers made to take over with her and all her table names and table décor! What Katie found helpful was of course little things like finding their Facebook page and speaking to other brdies for advice. This also saved my brother a fortune! Ha ha. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to getting married abroad is to join as many social media groups as possible that relate to your destination and venue.  Social media will help you pick up tips and ideas. Not only that, its helps with all the excitement and build up!

Now back to our Mexico wedding!!!  My younger sister and I are hairdressers which is always helpful at family and friends weddings!

On the morning of the wedding, all the girlys met up. No husbands, boyfriends or kids were allowed ( such a shame ) 🙂 We had breakfast altogether with a glass of bucks fizz and we were all extremely chatty and giddy for the day ahead! Katie the bride was calm and excited as we headed back the room!

Getting ready all together I believe is such a big part of your wedding day. Its all about the bride and spending time getting ready all girlys together! One of the key facts to help the preparation go smoothly is the schedule of hair & make up and giving yourself enough time so you can enjoy it rather than stressing! Katie loved it and was GLOWING! I love wedding morning’s for any bride, but for my new sister to be it was so nice to be so involved as I was a bridesmaid too! Me and my sister between us decided on the hair styles and worked together to create them. Even the bride Katie’s hair my sister created the shape at the back of her hair and I finished the front and the finishing touches! Team work 🙂  Us as bridesmaids went for a side up do of softly curls and height on top! Katie went for a romantic up do at the nape of her neck which showcased her beautiful hair vine and her cascading veil! Hair done, make up done by Katie’s sister who isn’t a make up artist but has a natural talent. Then its time to get the bride ready to become a Princess !

Katie put her wedding dress on and it took our breath away, all three of us! Katie has a amazing figure and the dress fitted her perfectly! She became a real life princess in front of our eyes! Just Stunning! It was really emotional, I do love a cry though! ha.  Dress on all ready it was photo time then time to leave! Now this is when the nerves rush in for any bride! Such a wonderful powerful moment taking your final steps as a single lady!

When we arrived at the top of the aisle we could see the Caribbean ocean behind the wedding gazebo. Here we were met by the two page boys, may I say the cutest page boys I have ever seen! Being biased I know as one is my little Francisco and my Nephew Ollie my brother and Katie’s little boy! This then started the tears seeing the boys there it all became quite real! The music started and that was it! Katie was walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life!

Katie strolled down the aisle with her father with the biggest smile on her face that didn’t leave all day! As I was walking down I stole a look at my brothers face. I have never seen him smile like that he was gleaming with happiness, transfixed on Katie coming towards him! The vows being quoted in the Caribbean air was just love all around! Cheesy as it may sound but I don’t care when two people love each other so much all the guest absorb this and these two lovebirds really do!

The ceremony was very special and personal, with both mums doing a reading! Then it was confetti time and time to celebrate the new MR & MRS FAIRFELD on the beach in Mexico followed by a yummy dinner and private party by the pool! Arrribaaaa!

The New Mr & Mrs Fairfield
How amazing is this photo!

I want to wish the newlyweds all the best and to enjoy their journey through life together ! I believe in soul mates and you are definitely each others love you both and our Ollie pop!

Your wedding day was like a dream and a day we will all remember forever!

True Love right here! This picture means more than we initially thought as Katie had a baby in her belly! Yes 3 are becoming 4! How AMAZING!!!!!!!!


A holiday of a lifetime with all the family and a Fairytale wedding ! AM going to leave you with this line-:

”I wanna dance by the water underneath the Mexican sky”

We sure did! xxxxxxxxx