Mexico Dream’s

When your little brother gets engaged, your over the moon for him and his fiancée. Then he tells you the wedding is in Mexico!!! Well you become ecstatic!!! Not only a family holiday of a lifetime but a wedding too! Two things I LOVE most!!!

Getting married abroad and only dealing with all your bridal details over email can be stressful for any bride but anything you do in the U.K before your arrival can only help matters! Katie the bride my now sister in law! Took control of lots of things UK side including having her flowers made to take over with her and all her table names and table décor! What Katie found helpful was of course little things like finding their Facebook page and speaking to other brdies for advice. This also saved my brother a fortune! Ha ha. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give to getting married abroad is to join as many social media groups as possible that relate to your destination and venue.  Social media will help you pick up tips and ideas. Not only that, its helps with all the excitement and build up!

Now back to our Mexico wedding!!!  My younger sister and I are hairdressers which is always helpful at family and friends weddings!

On the morning of the wedding, all the girlys met up. No husbands, boyfriends or kids were allowed ( such a shame ) 🙂 We had breakfast altogether with a glass of bucks fizz and we were all extremely chatty and giddy for the day ahead! Katie the bride was calm and excited as we headed back the room!

Getting ready all together I believe is such a big part of your wedding day. Its all about the bride and spending time getting ready all girlys together! One of the key facts to help the preparation go smoothly is the schedule of hair & make up and giving yourself enough time so you can enjoy it rather than stressing! Katie loved it and was GLOWING! I love wedding morning’s for any bride, but for my new sister to be it was so nice to be so involved as I was a bridesmaid too! Me and my sister between us decided on the hair styles and worked together to create them. Even the bride Katie’s hair my sister created the shape at the back of her hair and I finished the front and the finishing touches! Team work 🙂  Us as bridesmaids went for a side up do of softly curls and height on top! Katie went for a romantic up do at the nape of her neck which showcased her beautiful hair vine and her cascading veil! Hair done, make up done by Katie’s sister who isn’t a make up artist but has a natural talent. Then its time to get the bride ready to become a Princess !

Katie put her wedding dress on and it took our breath away, all three of us! Katie has a amazing figure and the dress fitted her perfectly! She became a real life princess in front of our eyes! Just Stunning! It was really emotional, I do love a cry though! ha.  Dress on all ready it was photo time then time to leave! Now this is when the nerves rush in for any bride! Such a wonderful powerful moment taking your final steps as a single lady!

When we arrived at the top of the aisle we could see the Caribbean ocean behind the wedding gazebo. Here we were met by the two page boys, may I say the cutest page boys I have ever seen! Being biased I know as one is my little Francisco and my Nephew Ollie my brother and Katie’s little boy! This then started the tears seeing the boys there it all became quite real! The music started and that was it! Katie was walking down the aisle to marry the love of her life!

Katie strolled down the aisle with her father with the biggest smile on her face that didn’t leave all day! As I was walking down I stole a look at my brothers face. I have never seen him smile like that he was gleaming with happiness, transfixed on Katie coming towards him! The vows being quoted in the Caribbean air was just love all around! Cheesy as it may sound but I don’t care when two people love each other so much all the guest absorb this and these two lovebirds really do!

The ceremony was very special and personal, with both mums doing a reading! Then it was confetti time and time to celebrate the new MR & MRS FAIRFELD on the beach in Mexico followed by a yummy dinner and private party by the pool! Arrribaaaa!

The New Mr & Mrs Fairfield
How amazing is this photo!

I want to wish the newlyweds all the best and to enjoy their journey through life together ! I believe in soul mates and you are definitely each others love you both and our Ollie pop!

Your wedding day was like a dream and a day we will all remember forever!

True Love right here! This picture means more than we initially thought as Katie had a baby in her belly! Yes 3 are becoming 4! How AMAZING!!!!!!!!


A holiday of a lifetime with all the family and a Fairytale wedding ! AM going to leave you with this line-:

”I wanna dance by the water underneath the Mexican sky”

We sure did! xxxxxxxxx

Wedding of Ann Marie & Paul

Working on Ann Marie’s wedding was more than a pleasure! You see me and Ann Marie go back a few years, 4 to be correct! I first met this beautiful lady on a flight from Ibiza back to the UK. I was sat next to her and her now husband Paul…. Ear wigging on her and Paul’s conversation I heard that they where planning their wedding here in Ibiza, now as a new business over here in Ibiza, I knew it was my chance to maybe get a new client! Terrible it sounds but it turned out to develop not only in me doing Ann Maire ‘s hair for her wedding but also we struck a friendship am sure we will last for a long time!

I had passed my business card on and got chatting to Ann Marie 4 years ago this lady got home from her holidays to find they had brought more than expected home from Ibiza, a little bundle of joy she was pregnant with her now cute little boy Louis! So the wedding got delayed of course..

Ann Marie then got back in touch with me to tell me her news and we kept in touch! Then when she began to plan her wedding all over again I was actually planning mine too! Same church San Augustine and same venue Cas Mila at Cala Tarida! So there we where on our journey together her wedding was also only a month before mine!

Ann Marie was such an amazing help to me I really don’t think I would have been able to plan it the way I did with out her help! So all you brides to be don’t be scared to ask another fellow bride for a bit of advice!

On the day of the wedding I felt I knew Ann Marie family quite well as we had spent at least once a week chatting all night on Facebook sharing ideas and asking questions,,, what are your favours? what are your table names? Your friends and family can get bored with this but fellow brides love it like we did!!! Our husbands to be I think were glad we had each other to talk too 🙂 On the day of the wedding it was a hot August day the wedding party where staying in an incredible villa just up the road from San Augustine church. The wedding morning went smoothly with the bride herself beaming having her hair and make up done! Ann Marie’s dress was gorgeous and the bridesmaids dresses where beautiful too!

For Ann Marie’s hair we had discussed it many times if to have it up or down , now of course she was getting married in August so we had discussed the problems of heat and humidity. Ann Marie had decided to have her hair down in louse curls she had ordered a vintage looking headband to match her dress as you can see it fitted in perfect and set the whole look off I think! Her bridemaids were told they could have their hair how they wanted just to stick to a feminine look, which we did on each on the bridesmaids I think their hair complimented Ann Marie’s perfect. Each of them looked beautiful too especially Ann Marie daughter Emmy! Who looked liked a princess!

The key is for humidity is plenty of styling products and also a good idea to wash your hair the night before your wedding rather than on the day!


I had loved the theme Ann Marie had gone for as we have very similar taste! She had even made her own order of service which where very pretty! On her wedding day she looked stunning as you can see! I loved her dress and she was just glowing with happiness!

10473775_10205162899059119_4209426992395886058_n (1)
10721124_10152367851297544_1135565126_nI was honored to be part of your day and Thank you for all the help you gave me! Here is to us boring each other talking about our weddings and everything else for years to come! 🙂

Congratulations to the Nutters!!

10177526_10152368006917544_9078018923568016266_n (1)


Who doesn’t love a Sunday! It’s the day of family time, your time to relax even for those who work Sundays it still has a different feeling to other days of the week! It still has that relaxed way about it!

Here in Ibiza it’s like Sundays where years ago in the UK everywhere is closed your lucky to find a shop open. But of course all the restaurants and bars are full with family’s and friends out enjoying quality time together! The roads are quiet here which is lovely as there is silence in the air! The beaches are calm and still with people going for nice strolls! Lovely time of year! As its a November day with the sun shining granted not hot but warm.

I just love this about Ibiza don’t get me wrong took me a while to get used too the supermarkets and shops being closed but now love this as it’s old school UK ! Makes the day individual.

Even in the summer here when there is no differentiating the days here as everyday is a party day! Sundays still feel more chilled!

So where every you are in the world remember Sunday is your day the day to spend with the people who Mather most to you!

Happy Sunday! ❤


Summer Hair

As the tourists come flooding on to the white isle I enjoy seeing the many different looks and hairstyles. Some may be different shall we say and some are very individual. With many different club nights on the Island you really can experiment with your hair. Your hair is there to be played with try different styles, wear it in ways you haven’t before. Hair pieces are always good when you are in a hot climate , to wear as top knots, long pony tails or even messy buns. As the summer goes on of course the humidity heightens and the nights get warmer so hair up do’s are always in favour, to keep your hair looking good all night long!

The look this summer seems to be very femine I love that in my industry colour has come back in full force if it’s from hombre to sombre looks, intense coppers, warm strawberry blondes, platinum blondes to chocolate and caramel brunettes. Our hair is our everything like most girls know if your hair doesn’t look good you don’t feel good! So make sure your hair colour represents you and your personality!

So go for it try something different!

download (1)downloadimages (1)caramel-brown-hair-6

Beach hair is always a tricky one as many girls like to look just a good in the day as they do the night here in Ibiza, Try sea salts sprays these are good to keep your hair from drying frizzy, but remember don’t use too much you don’t want your hair looking like card board 🙂 . Try an up do a top knot or kipper plaits, french plaits or crown plaits which are all on trend right now are perfect for the beach.

Also accessorize till your heart content from flowers, headbands, hats are always a good idea as they protect your hair and your colour from fading plus look good.




Another BIG tip ladies, Sunshine can make your highlights shimmer but remember the UV rays damage the protein bonds in your hair and can cause breakage so always use a leave in conditioner on your hair to protect it, we all use sun cream on our skin so don’t forget your hair!!!!

Going round the Island working I am loving getting everyone ready for summer with their hair , with all the opening’s of clubs, bars, beach bars and restaurant’s everyone is wanting to look Fabulous..

Often groups of girls book me to go to their hotel to have a pamper party with them all getting their hair done before their big night out! This is where the rollers come out in full force ladies! As women its important to feel good about yourself and your hair helps you do this. We should all walk with our heads held high with fabulous hair!

As we know Ibiza is the beautiful white isle!


Kellie xxx




My special place in Ibiza

Wow what a difference the way the Island is feeling , summer is definitely here!

Ibiza is a incredible Island like you all know, the way it changes through seasons amazes me. One minute the beaches are empty the bars and clubs are closed then literally over night! The Island wakes up!

Ibiza to most is known as the party capital of the world however it also has so much more to offer. This Island is truly beautiful with the most amazing areas to discover. The best way to discover this is to explore the Island when you visit!

People who live on the Island and tourists who visit the Island regularly all have their special place here where they like to take some time out from the madness or just to Chill….

Mine is the beauty that is Es Vedra, I am lucky enough to visit when I choose of course and when friends and family visit and they are in need of a wish shall we say, then it is always a must! I love to go for a picnic there with my friends. When at standing on the hills above the beach looking over to Es Vedra you cant help but feel totally at peace and chilled. This majestic magnectic rock is visable on the beach of Cala de Hort. Shrouded in myths and legend, Es Vedra is said to be the 3rd most magnectic place on the earth (after he north pole and Bermuda Triangle) Its also predicted that if the world was ever hit by a nuclear bomb Ibiza would be one of the last surving places because of Es Vedra!

2014-05-13 19.28.31

So next time you are visiting Ibiza be sure to visit this beauty and make a wish as soon as Es Vedra comes into your eye sight, and let the Island’s magic do its work.

2014-05-13 20.34.29


Kellie xx

Living in Ibiza and having The Salon in the UK.

I first came to Ibiza at a very young age with my parents, it held of lot of lovely memories for me, so when I met my future husband to be and he told me he was born here in Ibiza, you can imagine my excitement! Jose was living in the UK at the time, he had since the age of 3 , he had made the decision to move back to the island to work with his father , who is Ibizican.

So my adventure begun, I visited Jose over a period of two years, in the second year visiting twice a month when possible, you just couldn’t keep me away! Obviously for two reasons Jose & Ibiza 🙂 Then finally the decision was made for me to make the move to the white isle. Having opened my own Salon, ‘The Salon’ in the UK in 2007 I had worked really hard to establish the business and it was becoming a success , so when I made the decision to move to Ibiza I had also decided to keep the business on!

Having come from a family of hairdressers it’s not only a passion of mine its in my blood. I honestly think I was put on this planet to do this! As my job is also my hobby, my love and my passion. So The Salon means a lot to me, a lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into it! I decided when moving to Ibiza that I would commute back for the last 9 days of every month to do my existing and regular client’s. This worked fantastic as I had clients booking their appointments for the year in advance . This also works well for me as we all know Ibiza is a seasonal Island. I have to add I couldn’t do it without my mum who is the nail technician at The Salon, the rest of the team and of course my long-standing clients in the UK.


2014-02-03 10.47.142014-02-03 10.18.24

But I also knew I needed work for when I was in Ibiza I looked into a few respectable salons at the time on the island but decided with going back and forth I wouldn’t be able to commit to them and when I do something I want to give it my all. So then came Stylistic Hair Ibiza , I decided on the name due to the island always being right on trend every summer! As Stylistic Hair I am lucky enough to work alongside the best concierge on the island as well as other companys . Its been quite different for me as I have always been a salon stylist , where now Stylistic Hair I am freelance, but what an island to be freelance on, I can honestly say I have been to places I never knew existed this island has so many hidden treasures! So it’s worked for me , again I have to thank my clients here in Ibiza for being patience when I leave for work at The Salon in the UK.


I do believe you can create anything within you! I have created a life I didn’t know existed! Plus now we are planning our wedding here! I feel lucky and blessed. I do however enjoy going back to the UK regulary to see all my family, friends also now my friends baby’s!

People often ask when will I just settle in one place but if something works then why change it, that day will come when I become a mummy but for now I am just enjoying the ride!

But I am happy to say Ibiza is now the place I call Home!

Kellie X