Summer is in full flow 2019..

I really need to start blogging more , what a season it has been so far I have been so lucky to be part of so many ladies special days. I will blog about a few soon I promise. Your wedding day its so special. I have mentioned this before but being married myself and having my wedding here in Ibiza I get so caught up in all the emotion of everyone day. Ibiza bring a certain vibe to weddings here. People often say to me have I ever had any bridezillas and the answer is no.  Every bride here is normally super excited for their day ahead and just beaming with happiness. I am getting many wedding bookings for 2020 & 2021 so don’t leave it too late to enquire. Also I will be doing trails in the UK at The Salon Southport which is just north of Liverpool . If your interested message me for dates.

But I just wanted to come on here and say hi and that the island is busier than ever. Its hot hot hot and am loving summer 2019!


Kellie xxx

Summer 2019

I have just returned back from a wonderful 12 days in the UK for Easter and work. I met 3 of my Ibiza brides to beat The Salon for summer 2019 too.

Arriving back in Ibiza the island has definitely changed everything is starting to open and lots of tourists around plus the sunshine is back… While I was in the UK for Easter I had better weather than here in Ibiza which was unusual but fantastic too. Now its all about to start I write this its the 1st May and this weekend starts my wedding season, I cant wait …. I have been on a few courses this winter so excited to showcase my new skills.

I am going to start blogging a lot more on work and Ibiza . I am about to start a new chapter and am excited to where its going to take me . Lets enjoy this season and life…

Ibiza in August & Life….

Ibiza really is a crazy Island it is overrun right now and as its fantastic for business on the island and the survival of Ibiza I am really looking forward to September arriving.  Dont get me wrong the island is buzzing and every night is the weekend…. But August heat will cool a bit and hopefully the roads will tame a bit too…..

You really would not believe this was the same place if you took a video out side my apartment now and in March say, those who have never been to IBIZA in winter would be amazed!!! I love the ever changing faces of it but I must say August is my least favourite month of all!!! But hey am not moaning I live in the sunshine … Honest ;0

I don’t have many brides often in August , If we do a lot are Teachers or work in a industry where is easier to get time off in summer time… I do have a few brides coming up in the next week so am excited to meet them!!!!

This summer I have found a challenge  being a new mummy trying to work and have a husband,, I don’t know which or who is harder work sometimes! ha ha. That’s the thing with living away from family its the support network you miss so much. The nursery’s here are fantastic though and a lot more reasonable than the UK which is a good thing plus how good that my Francisco is being brought up bilingual. They have dance hours and they have splash time with paddling pools which is cute… I love the fact Francisco is outdoors a lot …

With September comes a lot of weddings which is exciting!!!! Even a bride all the way from Australia. My second wedding anniversary how that has happened ….. Plus its my baby boys 1st Birthday on the 26th!!!! Best year of my life even with all the emotional ups and downs motherhood brings us but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!!

Over and out ill be back with a bridal blog next!!!!!

Mrs Tulip xxxxxx






Best day of my life! Part 2 – Cas Mila

Leaving the Church as Husband and wife following all our guest’s was special as every bride and groom know you don’t have much alone time so this was extra special we just kept smiling at each other!

We arrived at our venue Cas Mila which is in Cala Tarida.


All our guests where drinking sangria and having canapes of tapas enjoying the views the venue has! I remember the first time I went to this venue so can imagine how my guests felt! We have a saxophone player called Ivan who played as we entered the venue from the top down the stairs to an applause from all our guest’s! This was amazing the nerves had calmed down and I was just loving it! Me and Jose said this was one of our favourite moments of the day! Sometimes in life we all get stuck on a merry-go-round and just every now and again it stops and you absorb every single thing around you, this was one of those moments!


Then it was mingling time and enjoying chatting to all our family and friends, parts of the day are a blair to me and only pictures remind me, but all I know is I was on cloud nine all day long! The sun was shining , Ivan was playing on the saxophone, we were surrounded by all the people who mean so much to us, all the kiddies where running round giggling with each other and everyone was happy!

We went onto the beach for some more photographs, you wouldn’t believe I didn’t even take my heels off! Couldnt let them out of my sight. My red soles where with me all day , can’t say the same for the night tho!


As we sat for our wedding meal it was so nice to look out at everyone . Our top table was me Jose, Our best man and Maid of honour. We had a good giggle between us all.

Then time for the speeches come, now I had been looking forward to this part of the wedding so of course their was no pressure. Our best man and maid of honour had had a few shots to calm their nerves! ha. Jose was the first up his speech was special and quite emotional too. My dads was short and sweet as he was a mess all day literally! Gemma the MOH was next up, me and gem have been best friends from the day we were born. Her speech was very emotional and funny at the same time! love this girl more than words! Thanks Gem not only for the best speech for also the best hen do in Budapest! X Next up was the BM Stephen,,, now he abused Jose is a very very funny way, hands down to him best man speech I have ever heard! I laughed a lot! Jose just sat there sort of smiling! Very funny Thankyou Stephen I would say for everything but not for dressing Jose with Up with your choice of outfit in Benidorm!!! But from the day Jose asked you to be best man I expected nothing less!! ha ha. Jose uncle Joe made the final speech of the night which was sentimental towards us both, Joses mum and also to all the people in the room! Thankyou Uncle Joe X

After the speech’s was cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet and of course the first dance time! It rained during our first dance which apparently Joses dad who is Spanish said it is good luck in Spain if it rains on your wedding day! So that’s ok then! We danced under the stars as husband and wife!



Then it really was party time! We all danced all night long!! My male friends had arranged a surprise performance of one of my favourite songs Take That ‘Never Forget’ . It was such a special surprise and I want to thank you boys Kev, Alex ,Dave and our Ryan (my little brother). I will literally never forget it! We had a surprise Latino show for our guests in the evening which I highly recommend as all the guests loved it especially a few of the guys you would think they where part of the show! ha!!!!

Anyone planning a wedding here in Ibiza or any where in the world! Love every single second , love the run up, don’t stress, as long as all your family and friends are healthy then everything else can be sorted! Enjoy your time planning all the little details don’t let it become a chore as once its over you will actually miss it!

Thankyou to my Mum and Joses Mum, our maid of honour Gemma, bridesmaids Linda and Katie. Our gorgeous Flowers girls my now step daughter Lucy , sister Millie &  god daughter Ilsa. Our best man Stephen, ushers Andrew ,Ryan, John and our Page boy Joseph all our family and friends, plus our wedding planner at this venue Candi nothing was too much for her !

To you all who made our day the day it was! THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

To all your brides to be out there, get ready for whats to come!!!!!!


A very happy wifey!

Dreams do come true! x

Mrs Tulip! X

Once we all

Best day of my life! Part 1- The Church.

The morning of my wedding I woke up with my maid of honour with a smile on my face that didn’t leave it all day. The week up to the wedding we were having some rubbish weather in Ibiza so first thing I did was go and check out the balcony doors to which I was greeted with clear blue sky and sunshine.. Very happy lucky lady!

I had been looking forward to my wedding morning being a hairdresser on the island and specialising in wedding hair I have been involved in many ladies wedding morning’s. They are always special with the bride and her bridesmaids chatting giggling and enjoying the celebration of the beginning of an amazing day! My morning so so beautiful my bridesmaids, mum & flower girls for made this so special. When my flowers arrived by the amazing Floral Dreams which where just sooo pretty it was becoming very real I was getting married!!!  It’s all about the little things sometimes! Special moments I will remember all my life, so Thankyou X

Leaving the hotel and walking to my bridal car I felt unbelievably calm, the journey to the church me and my mum chatted and looked forward to what was ahead. When we arrived at the church that’s when the nerves kicked in wowwwwww. I couldn’t believe the emotion that took over me looking over at our ushers, bridesmaids, my brother and dad the tears just started rolling!!! Didnt help my dad was a emotional mess bless him.. This is where my mum gave me a little chat and pulled me together. This picture captures that exact moment. Took by our friend Chris Bevan.

I was to walk in the church Miss Fairfield and walk out Mrs Tulip!


Walking into the church I can’t remember much apart from looking at Jose ( my now husband ) and thinking how handsome he looked!


The church was a very nerve-racking but an amazing experience. Unfortunately I forgot the two lines I had to say, so so just mumbled through them! A few things I do remember from the church the amazing voice of our singer and planner Sam, uncle Joe singing ‘  hallelujah ‘ to the top of his voice, my flower girl bless her snoring on her mummy and every time I looked back seeing everyone smiling towards us . A lot of love was in that church. When the announcement came we where husband and wife I had the most over whelming feeling that I have never felt before to the sound lots of cheers… Walking out the church being greeted by tons of confetti and cheers was just unbelievable!


Outside the church we got congratulated by all our friends and family and of course lots of cuddle’s and kisses!! We have pre ordered drinks outside the church for all our guests to celebrate our marriage with a glass of bubbly! Cant have a wedding without champagne now can we! Lots of pictures where taken, I haven’t yet received my wedding pictures by the talented Ana Lui . I  do however love all my friends and family’s so I cant wait to see hers…… Here are a few !!



When planning my wedding our first decision was to marry at a venue, But because of the legal side of marrying abroad meant we where to marry in a church I believe this was fate as marrying in this Spanish church San Augustine was just Perfect….

It was the most moving experience of my life!

From the church we headed off in our white rolls Royce as husband and wife to our wedding venue Cas Mila. For more love, laughs, and fun to be had!

To be continued….. A very happy content Mrs T….. X




The run up to My Ibiza Wedding!

Well I can say I am now a married woman! But my first blog about my wedding I want to tell you all about the week to ten days before!

Now like most brides to be the coming weeks up to your wedding can be a mixed bag of emotions! I actually loved all this one minute I couldn’t sleep, next I was on the phone to my mum in the UK stressing over last-minute bits! Getting everyone including the mother in law to go on missions. Last minute emails to the venue, church, florist, photographer…. Do you know we didn’t even decide our first dance song till the night before.. So many decisions to make!!

When the day arrived for my first arrivals I was up at the crack of dawn literally watching the sun rise on my balcony, wanting a glass of champers but settled for a green tea ( for the wedding diet of course) ! I got to the airport to greet my girlfriends, their other halves and their minis! Airports have been a mixture of emotions for me over the years but this day it was the best feeling it the world, it was the beginning of my wedding! This is when the fun would begin!

Now I did say on my big wedding diet the run up to the wedding I wasnt going to drink that much! Well the girls all arrived at the hotel and the drinks started flowing!! So I can say the drinking before didn’t last a couples of hours! ha ha. Each and everyday more and more of our friends and family arrived! Honesty each and every person that arrived was more and more exciting knowing these people had made this journey for our special day and a holiday of course.. Getting married in San Augustine church and having the reception in Cas Mila I had recommended everyone stay in the area on Port Es Torrent as Jose’s father owns a beach bar here called Bull Bar so this could be our base for the next two weeks!

The week before the wedding was great fun, hen dos, stag dos, going on a boat for the day round the island with the girls. This was special to me as I got to show them Ibiza, the stunning beaches, the coastline, amazing houses plus we got to sail round Es Vedra with me explaining the story of the magnetic rock… Very special. But then two days before the wedding the nerves kicked in! I found myself up every morning for breakfast but couldn’t actually eat much a mix of nerves and excitement….

The night before the wedding was our rehearsal dinner we had this in a new venue called Dharma up in port es torrent. Our friends and family where in different hotels so this was perfect as we were all together for the first time! This is when it all became very real! Having everyone with us apart from our friends from Ibiza and a few family members this was us! We all mingled and chatted and enjoyed a mix of bbq and paella!! We tried to introduce a few people to the Spanish food but unfortunately didn’t go down so well with some people not eating as most people wanted meat!! Leaving the venue i say my goodbyes as a Fairfield ! The last words from my husband to be was ‘ Kellie please dont be too late’ 🙂




So then it was I went off to my hotel where I was staying with my maid of honour and bestest friend of 31 years Gemma! The next day was to be my wedding day! The last 18 months of preparation and the day I had been day dreaming of since the day we got engaged!!!!!

I didnt think I would sleep but after a glass or two of Bubbly with Gemma we sure did!

Kellie xxx



Planning a wedding in Ibiza

Well with my wedding only now less than 12 weeks away I had a lot of meetings last week and I want to tell you a bit about some of them. Now these are only my choices of whom I have decided to use on the island for my wedding needs!

Wedding flowers now when you get married abroad it can be difficult to get what you need especially when there is a language barrier , well not with the company I am using for my Flowers, Floral Dreams Ibiza. I first met the lovely Gary and Holly (who are a couple) when I moved to the island three years ago, I was organising a photo shoot for my website at the time, one of the shoots was a bridal shoot, so I asked them if they would like to get involved to which they agreed. 🙂

.Jo Rutherford Photography (23 of 206)422104_268911976517435_639533712_n


As soon as we met we struck a friendship, then as soon as I saw their work I knew when I got married these guys where the ones for me! So not long after our engagement when our date was set, I was straight on to Floral Dreams Ibiza

As soon as you meet the couple you will see that they are professional in everything they do, Their work is just outstanding and I am always amazed at Holly’s talent. In my meeting with them to discuss my wedding flowers I left feeling completely as ease and totally excited at what Holly is going to create for me!

So if you are getting married in Ibiza these are the florist for you but I would be quick as I know they are getting booking’s for 2016 already! Find Floral Dreams @


Another meeting I had this week was with my Cake lady! Not only did we discuss the cake further we also got to taste some cake. Taking my mum and her husband Bob along they were very happy as I am still on my wedding dress diet they got to sample lots of delicious cake!!


The nice thing about my cake is I have sat down with Mitch who is the owner of The Cake lady and designed it ourselves with her professional input to what I can have and ideas she had for me! Mitch was as excited as I was which made the experience a good one with her professionalism standing out knowing her knowledge on cakes .My cake will be individual to our wedding and not just ordered out of a book. What I will say its going to have three different flavoured cakes!!!

I really am super excited to see my Wedding cake as I have gone for something a bit different (well we are in Ibiza after all) . Plus with Mitch’s talent I have seen from many of her other cakes am sure it’s going to be impressive! Find Mitch @



It’s all getting a bit too exciting everything is just coming into place! Getting married along with all the little stresses defiantly is the best feeling in the world!!

Happy Planning

Kellie xxxxx

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Wedding dress Diet


The realization came in January that my wedding was only 9 months away and I could no longer put off the wedding dress diet which I had been avoiding since getting engaged! The main thing is to find contentment and happiness with in your yourself not matter what shape or size. But I knew the time was getting closer to me finally ordering my wedding dress!! How exciting! I am getting my dress from the UK as I feel there is more choice , you have to remember as Fabulous as this Island is, its very little too.


Since trying it on after Christmas and the underskirt not going over my hips, I knew changes had to be made with my body, like us all or maybe not (but makes me feel better saying that 🙂 ). Feeling content in my relationship and also living between two countries I got into a bad habit with food. Not preparing my meals and eating convenient food most of the time. Now I do prefer healthy food as it stands but it’s just the time and the preparation you need to make time in your life to do..

So my journey began by joining the gym, the owner of the Wedding boutique where I am purchasing my dress from, gave me untill April to lose weight in order to order the dress size in the shop which would not even zip up at the time!! So here goes I went the gym and each time i was there working away at the cross trainer all I could imagine was me in my dress and feeling amazing!!! Often messaging my mum for encouragement!

download (1)


I worked out my own little routine in the gym and was steadily losing a pound a week which I was happy with! So when returning for my dress fitting in April, I felt good, putting the dress on and feeling the under skirt drop down, and the zip going up (just not the top 3 inches) but ha its didn’t go up at all at Christmas! I was over the moon, as all you brides to be know when trying on all the bridal dresses you feel like a amazing but when you find THE ONE your feel like a Princess!! So the dress was ordered!

Since returning back to Ibiza I have been very lucky to be offered some personal training sessions with a new company here on the island called Pure Training Ibiza a guy called Tom! I have only done a few sessions , wow I thought I worked hard in the gym this guy is making me ache with pain even struggling to walk! I look drunk when I walk as my legs keep going like jelly!. But I do smile with the pain, as we all know ‘ no pain no gain’……

The only problem is I have to follow Tom’s rules, he said I can have one, yes one treat meal a week not a day!! How strict is he! His mains tips also are too cut of wheat from my diet, cut down on dairy and eat very much like a vegetarian..Plus a lot more of course . His details are below!

The reason behind all this is like us all, I want to feel like I am walking on air on my wedding day….

I write this with the sun beaming through my balcony ,so for any of you brides getting married in Ibiza this year the island is looking mesmerizing.

Wedding countdown 4 Months 14 Days!

Kellie xxxx

Find Tom On Email. Web.

Contact number 0034653358058

My Wedding Invites

I think Wedding invites give the first impression of what the theme of your wedding is going to be like. It’s also gets everyone geared up for the wedding with the excitement between your guests.

As my Wedding is on the beautiful Island of Ibiza I wanted to give my guests a bit of the WOW factor. I had an idea , so when my salon in the UK The Salon where doing a wedding fair in The Vincent Hotel in Southport, showcasing all our bridal hair . I came across two girls and I immediately I was drawn to their table, it was full of sparkles, lace, gems every girls dream! It was then I got the idea confirmed of making each of my guests passports!

On arranging a meeting with the girls whom business name is The Paper Dolls in Maghull Liverpool . We discussed what I would like and what they had to offer, the shop is incredible with so much choice its every brides heaven for ideas! We sat and discussed the invites with my colour schemes, I decided to go for the passports, usually on each passport is a pictures of the bride and groom to be, but I wanted something different I asked Sarah if it was possibly to personalise each of the passports for each of the guests and she said yes!! Sarah made me up a proof and took all my details about the wedding etc! The girls are also doing all my table plan, name cards, Order of services, mail box for cards and also confetti cones!

Well when my Bridesmaid picked them up and brought them to The Salon when I was last in the UK working I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked! I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for everyone to receive them. Each and every one of them different. When my guests have received them have sent me messages saying how AMAZING they are and so different and unusual. The RSVP is even a personalised boarding pass!!

10154425_10152081543720369_1201738399_n 1173603_10152081543750369_695923751_nphoto (45) 1907604_785567298120413_730437122_n

I am so happy with them and it has made it all seem so much more real! I know is happening but each detail I tick off the list it gets me more excited!

I have my first bride of the season here next month here in Ibiza styling her and her bridesmaids hair with Stylistic Hair Ibiza and I can’t wait, even more so now to be part of ladies special day’s as I will be that special lady in September..

( even writing this has got me butterflies in my stomach:) )

My Ibiza Wedding is now 5 months 22 days away!!!!

Kellie xxx For all your Ibiza hair needs!

Find The Paper Dolls @



Bridal Hair

Ibiza Photography - Zoe & Lee (30)3a


On your wedding day you want to look and feel your best. Of course prior to any brides big day including myself the wedding dress diet begins, looking after ourselves much better, to have our skin hair & nails looking fresh, shiny & strong. I also recommend to brides to have their hair trimmed regular every 6-8 week, up to their big day as it will keep your hair in its best condition!

But of course the question is; How are you going to wear your hair? you can imagine being a hairdresser myself this is the question everyone is asking me. When I trained as a hairdresser all those years ago ,I found that I had such passion for up dos and especially bridal hair. I worked on my first bride at 18 and I just loved it being part of brides special day! With Bridal hair it is always quite classic but of course season hair trends & fashion venture into the trends of bridal hair! The best thing I believe that has helped brides have any style they would like, is hair pieces and hair extensions as I say ‘if you haven’t got it put some hair in’. I am loving all the vintage trends with bridal hair at the moment, the soft vintage waves, pin curls, plaits, Kipper plaits and lots of soft curls!

I believe a trial is very important to any bride as it gives the bride a chance to visual see their ideas. It always good to find ideas of what you like and sometimes what you don’t like to show to your hair stylist. This is also a good opportunity for you to build a relationship with your hair stylist for the day . For your trial it is ideal for you to take with you any hair ornament or accessorizes you are wearing in your hair and also your veil. This gives you chance to see how you will look and decide on the position you would like to wear your veil if you are wearing one that is.. . Another tip I give to my brides is to book your trial or an appointment with your hairdresser just before your wedding dress fitting then you can see how your hair works with your dress!! A good excuse for another trial or just getting your hair done!

A tip on choosing the right style for your wedding day!! What style is your dress, like any other big night out, we wear our hair to suit our outfit , so think your hair is showcasing you and your dress. Also where are you getting married, a church, a hotel, a stunning beach these all can help you make the decision on how to wear your hair. If you want your wedding to have a complete theme!

The morning of your wedding should be so enjoyable with your bridesmaids around you, having your hair & make up done and often sipping a nice glass of champagne! of course! After being part of many brides mornings I am just so excited to be the bride on my wedding morning!

Here are a few of my most recent brides from UK & Ibiza.

From soft stunning bridal waves to a Boho beautiful beach bride to a bridal shoot I did in Ibiza with a soft Glamourous vintage look.


153 kate and gareth

8Jo Rutherford Photography (15 of 206)


For my wedding I keep changing my mind how I am going to wear my hair , I thinks it’s just because I can, as having the girls who work at my salon all coming to Our Wedding I wont be short of a hairdresser!!

Happy Wedding Hair planning!

Kellie xxx