Tips for brides when getting married abroad

I thought I would write a little blog on a few tips for all you brides to be getting married not just in Ibiza but hot climates. These are just things I have come across when working on wedding here in Ibiza and hopefully this will help you not come across these problems yourself!


Now first of all when you and your bridal party arrive at your destination the party normally begins as even though it is your wedding it’s all your guests and of course bridesmaids holidays! Now as us brides know we can decide what they wear etc but we can’t tell they what to eat and drink when they are on holiday! Now if your wedding is not till a week after you all arrive this is where I have seen disasters happen! Like on the big day the bridesmaids haven’t tried their dresses on for a few weeks just half hour before the ceremony and they put them on!! o no they don’t fit! Now I am not saying this happens all the time but it has happened and I have had to sew bridesmaids in too their dresses! Lady of many talents you see! 🙂

So top tip one don’t get your dress to fitted or took in too much as remember we all swell in the heat (that’s my excuse all the time anyway) . Also don’t leave it till last-minute before the ceremony to put your dress on as this wedding was a 45 minutes late and the poor bride was very stressed!


Another top tip shoes!!! Now we all love our shoes I am really thinking of going for it with my shoes, I have always wanted a pair of Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo’s and I think now is the time to treat myself as if I can’t for my wedding day then I never will!!! But anyways again remember you feet can swell in the heat so may be not so strappy shoes!

At my wedding as I know all my girlfriends with be all heeled up I am putting just next to the dance floor a flip-flop basket! So my guests can keep on dancing all night long without the pain of their shoes stopping them…

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Weddings abroad means also you are dependent of a lot of people turning up ie hairdressers , make up artists even to your wedding car! I would make sure you personally make a connection with these people, add them on Facebook and Twitter so you can see their work and what they are up to business wise before your big day!

If you have a wedding planner they keep in touch with them with emails and never be afraid to ask away. My wedding planner has been really good and sent me a lot of information. All this leads to a more relaxed wedding day!

With my wedding getting closer am sure like all your brides to be it is the most exciting times! My mum is over in Ibiza beginning of July , I literally can’t wait as I am going to see the venue and decide on seating plan, meet with my cake lady and also a meeting with my florist Floral Dreams (WHOM have just been in Hello magazine should I point out) So I will let you know!

I think all these details on the run up to the wedding arranging it all is a great excuse for spending time with your closest and always an excuse to celebrate with a glass of bubbly or two!!!


Kellie xxxx

Wedding countdown 100 days!!!!!!