August In Ibiza!!

The summer is in full swing and i think it has been an especially hot year for Ibiza tourists. Despite a brief afternoon of rain last week ( which us living on the island throughly enjoyed) the sun has been hot hot hot! The amount of tourist’s that visit this island in a short period of time never ceases to amaze me! The roads are just so busy never mind the bars, restaurants and clubs!

The New Hard Rock Hotel is bringing even more to the island with the likes of Ellie Goulding, Snoop Dog and Kylie Minogue being on in just the last month! I was lucky enough to see two of these acts and especially loved Kylie, she is a legend to me watching her back in the days of neighbours!! Never forgetting the episode where she married Scott of course!! ;( Was hoping for ‘The Locomotion’ or ‘Better the devil you know’! But no, we did however get ‘Spinning around’ and ‘Cant get you out of my head’ it was so busy everyone loving her and dancing away! she looked flawless with her hair looking amazing.

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So much is going on for in Ibiza literally every day and night you can fill your boots with things to do! Living on the Island every now and again I can be lucky to see and experience some of this! I want to tell you about a spa I went to recently on the island my girlfriends here had a arranged a surprised hen do for me and wow let me just say this place truly took my breath away plus the fact the ladies had taken time out of their busy scedules for me! This Place really is a hidden gem on the Island of pure luxury , when you come on holiday here you should definitely take time out for a day and book yourself in to this spa and have some lunch overlooking the stunning mediterranean ocean!Just Look at these pictures!!!!

10527614_10204635129068337_8238922961687369273_n10590441_10204635134388470_4993137496431452698_n 1454939_10204635138068562_9149344729618607224_n This place really does take your breath away, Ibiza is a incredible island as this is a little hidden sanctuary hidden away in the hills of San Miguel . Check it I can honestly say you will have a relaxing beautiful day that you will never forget like I did! So if you are on your jollys here this is a must!! Who wouldn’t want to be staring out into the ocean day dreaming!

Go on your worth it!


Kellie X