Coco Riko Ibiza Fashion shoot



Styling on a shoot has become a new passion of mine… why? because it pushes your boundaries, lets you play with the hair and styles to create the overall look which the fashion designer and the stylist are looking for!

Coco Riko Ibiza is a new and an utterly fabulous, chic and high-end Ibiza beach & lounge wear brand ♥ .


When meeting Hayley the morning of the shoot ( it being very early to catch the best light) 🙂 She showed us in to her office which was just filled with her incredible master pieces. Hayley herself had hand-made each of these pieces spending hours at the sewing machine… I was stunned by the pieces, the colours and the fringing, not only they are perfect for Ibiza but any holiday destination.

For any lady wanting to look and feel FABULOUS!


The incredible model Racheal Montague is just utterly gorgeous so was very easy and super professional to work with, we had a team of 5 of us including the designer Hayley, a photography Eva Kruiper @, the stylist Charlotte Kennedy , the make up artist Vanina Rodriguez. . All Super girls I loved working beside them on this shoot.


Hayley had pre decided on the locations to fit with her pieces , each of us ladies exchanged pictures in the evening after the shoot which we had each took on our phones of course, I thought they were amazing then came Eva’s photography images and just wow!! It great when such incredible images showcase each of our work!


Loved working on this shoot and want to thank Hayley for asking me to be hair stylist, for the launch of her fashion brand which I am sure is going to do incredibly well!!