Ibiza Flights!

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Well here I am , yes it is a saturday night flight back to Ibiza and yes it is from Liverpool!

Having communted now back and forth for the past five years, I can say I have seen many a sight of these flights, the flights returning back to the UK are always more subdued as you can imagine!

But the flights going from the UK to the party capital of the world are to be experienced to be believed!

Now yes I do get the Saturday night flight back so I am sure or hope other days might not be so bad!! But I want to tell you about this flight not for any reason as each of them are individual!!

So I enter Liverpool airport now this is my home city which has a big place in my heart! With all my fellow scousers already beginning their holiday in the airport lounge bar! Of course there where lots of rollers and pin curls in girl’s hair, but you know I do love this! Liverpool girls always present themselves very well! (granted some a little OTT)

Well It was like a NIGHTCLUB Liverpool airport bar had pumped up the music! Now you can imagine everyone is fueling themselves up nicely to enjoy their two and a half hour flight to Ibiza!!

On the flight I was surrounded by a group of lads who apparently knew everyone here and didn’t have to pay for any tickets, this is something I hear quite frequently and hear many names I know myself which makes me giggle!! These boys were having a ball only problem is the music was pumping out of there iPod docking station, they were dancing round like they were on Bora Bora beach!! This was actually quite entertaining!

As we begin to land you can imagine the cheers and screams and the odd ‘ Were going to Ibiza’ song!! Which then the cabin crew shouting over the speakers ‘ sit down’ as the dancing boys thought it would be funny to all stand up and have one more dance!! To which they came crashing down as we landed! Obviously didn’t listen to the safety talk! Think I can say when ever I land in Ibiza the reaction is always a very happy one from everyone on the plane including myself!


Well I don’t want to be negative as I know they are coming on their holidays but yes the Ibiza Saturday night flights are to be experienced to be believed! To be fair all my friends and family are due out soon for my wedding of course ( 7 weeks 2 days) so be careful on them flights you may find my Nan dancing down the isles, she does love her Vodka!! ha ha .

Happy Flying!! 🙂

Kellie xxxxx

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