Ibiza season 2018 has been a pleasure…

So as I sit here and write this blog I cant believe its October.. Ibiza season 2018 has been a busy hot and enjoyable one. So yesterday was the last closing of the season that was DC10 so now the island is beginning to start to feel like its going into winter mode.. Many people ask me what’s it like in winter, its unreconisable to many people as most places start too close, roads are quiet and Ibiza has time to recover from the summer gone. Also of course the weather gets cooler but until December we still get beach days.

I love this island in the winter, yes I would love direct flights from the north of the UK even midlands would be good. Yes I would love a few more places open especially as I live in playa dem bossa and it literally becomes a ghost town. But there is something special about this time of year too.

I work part time here in Ibiza in the winter getting back to being a hairdresser colouring, cuttingĀ  and styling my Ibiza residents hair. Its nice to get back to the day job.. ha ha . Even though I am becoming bridal hair obsessed even more so then when I got married. I do also love winter as I get to blog more and talk to my future brides to be. If you would like to arrange a bridal chat please get in touch and we can arrange this. Living on the island all year and getting married here myself I can give a few helpful tips and tricks.

The next few weeks I will be blogging on a few weddings from this summer. I have one more wedding of the season and I am very excited to be part of it as its Natasha a well known photographer on the island .

I want to take this moment to Thank everyone who has given me some great opportunitys this summer . Also my main girl on Make up Hannah their is no I in team and that’s what makes the dreamteam. Also all the fab photographers for letting me share your images. But mainly all my beautiful brides thank you for letting me be part of your day. I love what I do and love to create your hair looks for your main day and be part of your bridal journey. Hopefully see some of you again in Ibiza for all your hair needs….

Over and out and re,member to be stylistic…