My special place in Ibiza

Wow what a difference the way the Island is feeling , summer is definitely here!

Ibiza is a incredible Island like you all know, the way it changes through seasons amazes me. One minute the beaches are empty the bars and clubs are closed then literally over night! The Island wakes up!

Ibiza to most is known as the party capital of the world however it also has so much more to offer. This Island is truly beautiful with the most amazing areas to discover. The best way to discover this is to explore the Island when you visit!

People who live on the Island and tourists who visit the Island regularly all have their special place here where they like to take some time out from the madness or just to Chill….

Mine is the beauty that is Es Vedra, I am lucky enough to visit when I choose of course and when friends and family visit and they are in need of a wish shall we say, then it is always a must! I love to go for a picnic there with my friends. When at standing on the hills above the beach looking over to Es Vedra you cant help but feel totally at peace and chilled. This majestic magnectic rock is visable on the beach of Cala de Hort. Shrouded in myths and legend, Es Vedra is said to be the 3rd most magnectic place on the earth (after he north pole and Bermuda Triangle) Its also predicted that if the world was ever hit by a nuclear bomb Ibiza would be one of the last surving places because of Es Vedra!

2014-05-13 19.28.31

So next time you are visiting Ibiza be sure to visit this beauty and make a wish as soon as Es Vedra comes into your eye sight, and let the Island’s magic do its work.

2014-05-13 20.34.29


Kellie xx