Summer Hair

As the tourists come flooding on to the white isle I enjoy seeing the many different looks and hairstyles. Some may be different shall we say and some are very individual. With many different club nights on the Island you really can experiment with your hair. Your hair is there to be played with try different styles, wear it in ways you haven’t before. Hair pieces are always good when you are in a hot climate , to wear as top knots, long pony tails or even messy buns. As the summer goes on of course the humidity heightens and the nights get warmer so hair up do’s are always in favour, to keep your hair looking good all night long!

The look this summer seems to be very femine I love that in my industry colour has come back in full force if it’s from hombre to sombre looks, intense coppers, warm strawberry blondes, platinum blondes to chocolate and caramel brunettes. Our hair is our everything like most girls know if your hair doesn’t look good you don’t feel good! So make sure your hair colour represents you and your personality!

So go for it try something different!

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Beach hair is always a tricky one as many girls like to look just a good in the day as they do the night here in Ibiza, Try sea salts sprays these are good to keep your hair from drying frizzy, but remember don’t use too much you don’t want your hair looking like card board 🙂 . Try an up do a top knot or kipper plaits, french plaits or crown plaits which are all on trend right now are perfect for the beach.

Also accessorize till your heart content from flowers, headbands, hats are always a good idea as they protect your hair and your colour from fading plus look good.




Another BIG tip ladies, Sunshine can make your highlights shimmer but remember the UV rays damage the protein bonds in your hair and can cause breakage so always use a leave in conditioner on your hair to protect it, we all use sun cream on our skin so don’t forget your hair!!!!

Going round the Island working I am loving getting everyone ready for summer with their hair , with all the opening’s of clubs, bars, beach bars and restaurant’s everyone is wanting to look Fabulous..

Often groups of girls book me to go to their hotel to have a pamper party with them all getting their hair done before their big night out! This is where the rollers come out in full force ladies! As women its important to feel good about yourself and your hair helps you do this. We should all walk with our heads held high with fabulous hair!

As we know Ibiza is the beautiful white isle!


Kellie xxx