Living in Ibiza and having The Salon in the UK.

I first came to Ibiza at a very young age with my parents, it held of lot of lovely memories for me, so when I met my future husband to be and he told me he was born here in Ibiza, you can imagine my excitement! Jose was living in the UK at the time, he had since the age of 3 , he had made the decision to move back to the island to work with his father , who is Ibizican.

So my adventure begun, I visited Jose over a period of two years, in the second year visiting twice a month when possible, you just couldn’t keep me away! Obviously for two reasons Jose & Ibiza 🙂 Then finally the decision was made for me to make the move to the white isle. Having opened my own Salon, ‘The Salon’ in the UK in 2007 I had worked really hard to establish the business and it was becoming a success , so when I made the decision to move to Ibiza I had also decided to keep the business on!

Having come from a family of hairdressers it’s not only a passion of mine its in my blood. I honestly think I was put on this planet to do this! As my job is also my hobby, my love and my passion. So The Salon means a lot to me, a lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into it! I decided when moving to Ibiza that I would commute back for the last 9 days of every month to do my existing and regular client’s. This worked fantastic as I had clients booking their appointments for the year in advance . This also works well for me as we all know Ibiza is a seasonal Island. I have to add I couldn’t do it without my mum who is the nail technician at The Salon, the rest of the team and of course my long-standing clients in the UK.


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But I also knew I needed work for when I was in Ibiza I looked into a few respectable salons at the time on the island but decided with going back and forth I wouldn’t be able to commit to them and when I do something I want to give it my all. So then came Stylistic Hair Ibiza , I decided on the name due to the island always being right on trend every summer! As Stylistic Hair I am lucky enough to work alongside the best concierge on the island as well as other companys . Its been quite different for me as I have always been a salon stylist , where now Stylistic Hair I am freelance, but what an island to be freelance on, I can honestly say I have been to places I never knew existed this island has so many hidden treasures! So it’s worked for me , again I have to thank my clients here in Ibiza for being patience when I leave for work at The Salon in the UK.


I do believe you can create anything within you! I have created a life I didn’t know existed! Plus now we are planning our wedding here! I feel lucky and blessed. I do however enjoy going back to the UK regulary to see all my family, friends also now my friends baby’s!

People often ask when will I just settle in one place but if something works then why change it, that day will come when I become a mummy but for now I am just enjoying the ride!

But I am happy to say Ibiza is now the place I call Home!

Kellie X