Who doesn’t love a Sunday! It’s the day of family time, your time to relax even for those who work Sundays it still has a different feeling to other days of the week! It still has that relaxed way about it!

Here in Ibiza it’s like Sundays where years ago in the UK everywhere is closed your lucky to find a shop open. But of course all the restaurants and bars are full with family’s and friends out enjoying quality time together! The roads are quiet here which is lovely as there is silence in the air! The beaches are calm and still with people going for nice strolls! Lovely time of year! As its a November day with the sun shining granted not hot but warm.

I just love this about Ibiza don’t get me wrong took me a while to get used too the supermarkets and shops being closed but now love this as it’s old school UK ! Makes the day individual.

Even in the summer here when there is no differentiating the days here as everyday is a party day! Sundays still feel more chilled!

So where every you are in the world remember Sunday is your day the day to spend with the people who Mather most to you!

Happy Sunday! ❤