My Wedding Invites

I think Wedding invites give the first impression of what the theme of your wedding is going to be like. It’s also gets everyone geared up for the wedding with the excitement between your guests.

As my Wedding is on the beautiful Island of Ibiza I wanted to give my guests a bit of the WOW factor. I had an idea , so when my salon in the UK The Salon where doing a wedding fair in The Vincent Hotel in Southport, showcasing all our bridal hair . I came across two girls and I immediately I was drawn to their table, it was full of sparkles, lace, gems every girls dream! It was then I got the idea confirmed of making each of my guests passports!

On arranging a meeting with the girls whom business name is The Paper Dolls in Maghull Liverpool . We discussed what I would like and what they had to offer, the shop is incredible with so much choice its every brides heaven for ideas! We sat and discussed the invites with my colour schemes, I decided to go for the passports, usually on each passport is a pictures of the bride and groom to be, but I wanted something different I asked Sarah if it was possibly to personalise each of the passports for each of the guests and she said yes!! Sarah made me up a proof and took all my details about the wedding etc! The girls are also doing all my table plan, name cards, Order of services, mail box for cards and also confetti cones!

Well when my Bridesmaid picked them up and brought them to The Salon when I was last in the UK working I couldn’t believe how amazing they looked! I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for everyone to receive them. Each and every one of them different. When my guests have received them have sent me messages saying how AMAZING they are and so different and unusual. The RSVP is even a personalised boarding pass!!

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I am so happy with them and it has made it all seem so much more real! I know is happening but each detail I tick off the list it gets me more excited!

I have my first bride of the season here next month here in Ibiza styling her and her bridesmaids hair with Stylistic Hair Ibiza and I can’t wait, even more so now to be part of ladies special day’s as I will be that special lady in September..

( even writing this has got me butterflies in my stomach:) )

My Ibiza Wedding is now 5 months 22 days away!!!!

Kellie xxx For all your Ibiza hair needs!

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Bridal Hair

Ibiza Photography - Zoe & Lee (30)3a


On your wedding day you want to look and feel your best. Of course prior to any brides big day including myself the wedding dress diet begins, looking after ourselves much better, to have our skin hair & nails looking fresh, shiny & strong. I also recommend to brides to have their hair trimmed regular every 6-8 week, up to their big day as it will keep your hair in its best condition!

But of course the question is; How are you going to wear your hair? you can imagine being a hairdresser myself this is the question everyone is asking me. When I trained as a hairdresser all those years ago ,I found that I had such passion for up dos and especially bridal hair. I worked on my first bride at 18 and I just loved it being part of brides special day! With Bridal hair it is always quite classic but of course season hair trends & fashion venture into the trends of bridal hair! The best thing I believe that has helped brides have any style they would like, is hair pieces and hair extensions as I say ‘if you haven’t got it put some hair in’. I am loving all the vintage trends with bridal hair at the moment, the soft vintage waves, pin curls, plaits, Kipper plaits and lots of soft curls!

I believe a trial is very important to any bride as it gives the bride a chance to visual see their ideas. It always good to find ideas of what you like and sometimes what you don’t like to show to your hair stylist. This is also a good opportunity for you to build a relationship with your hair stylist for the day . For your trial it is ideal for you to take with you any hair ornament or accessorizes you are wearing in your hair and also your veil. This gives you chance to see how you will look and decide on the position you would like to wear your veil if you are wearing one that is.. . Another tip I give to my brides is to book your trial or an appointment with your hairdresser just before your wedding dress fitting then you can see how your hair works with your dress!! A good excuse for another trial or just getting your hair done!

A tip on choosing the right style for your wedding day!! What style is your dress, like any other big night out, we wear our hair to suit our outfit , so think your hair is showcasing you and your dress. Also where are you getting married, a church, a hotel, a stunning beach these all can help you make the decision on how to wear your hair. If you want your wedding to have a complete theme!

The morning of your wedding should be so enjoyable with your bridesmaids around you, having your hair & make up done and often sipping a nice glass of champagne! of course! After being part of many brides mornings I am just so excited to be the bride on my wedding morning!

Here are a few of my most recent brides from UK & Ibiza.

From soft stunning bridal waves to a Boho beautiful beach bride to a bridal shoot I did in Ibiza with a soft Glamourous vintage look.


153 kate and gareth

8Jo Rutherford Photography (15 of 206)


For my wedding I keep changing my mind how I am going to wear my hair , I thinks it’s just because I can, as having the girls who work at my salon all coming to Our Wedding I wont be short of a hairdresser!!

Happy Wedding Hair planning!

Kellie xxx



Ibiza in Winter

Many people only ever visit the island in summer, so many think Ibiza is this way all year. I am now into my third winter here and can truly say it is alot quieter but we get to enjoy the beauty that is Ibiza and experience things on the island that are not possible during the summer. Also not many people know that come the beginning of November Direct flights stop from almost all Airports across the UK and Europe. BA are the only airline that fly direct to ibiza through out the winter, but only from London City.  I myself when I commute back to the UK for work at The Salon I have to catch a connecting flight via Madrid, Barcelona or Alicante. I use these airports as I find it easier to find connecting flights to my destination of Liverpool. But roll on April when the direct flights start again as 2 flights a day with a wait inbetween can make it a long day travelling.

Now I myself being a freelance hairdresser on the island I love the influx of tourists that come to the island, otherwise how would we all survive. However come November when the tourists have all departed, the island has time to heal and repair itself after a busy summer. For those living here all year also have chance to enjoy the island with the roads being quieter and work schedules lighter, beaches virtually empty and also a chance to catch up with friends and Family.

My first winter here I did struggle with the difference between seasons, but now I look forward to the winter as each summer comes to an end. Also this now being my third winter here I have built up a clientele to keep me busy, plus we have made more friends as time has gone on. Also in the Winter we get time to spend time with Jose’s father and siblings. Jose father Pepe being Ibicenco has introduced us to a lot of traditional restaurants on the island. He often takes us to the middle of no where in the country, where we eat traditional Ibicenco dishes like Bullit de Peix ,  this is a selection of fresh fish smothered in a garlic sauce, then after this a second dish is made from the stock from the fresh fish in the bullit to make a paella style rice which you eat directly from the pan! When i first saw this I did think my food is yellow! But don’t knock it till you try it, it’s actually really tasty and now one of my favourite dishes. A dish for you to try when visiting Ibiza!!!


The spring seems to have come earlier this year in Ibiza and a few weeks ago we went to see the beautiful almond blossom in Santa Agnes. Santa Agnes is near San Antonio and is like a hidden beauty and the opposite of San Antonio centre. It’s very rural, quiet and tranquil.  We go every year as it is just so beautiful! We seem to always pick a good weekend too as there is often a BBQ going on, so a good atmosphere in the beauty of the almond blossom trees. Ibiza people actually say the blossom coming out is signifying the start of Spring! This normally happens between January and February.



Being  a Freelance Hairdresser at Stylistic Hair I get to visit clients houses all over the island, which I feel very lucky as I get to see the true beauty of Ibiza especially when I go to my clients in the north and get to drive through the stunning country side. If only my eyes could take pictures!! I also work for an elite concierge company in the Summer where I visit some beautiful Villas and locations to do clients hair. Some of these amazing villas and yachts, I have only ever seen in magazines, so just being able to witness them first hand is incredible, which I just love! My Hairdressing career has always been salon based but in Ibiza i am freelance I personally wouldn’t want to be in a salon at the moment as i would miss out on seeing this Island!

I do leave Ibiza for Christmas every year to spend the time in the UK as my Salon ‘The Salon’ is extremely busy with clients wanting to look and feel fabulous for the festive season, and also to spend the special season with our family’s there! I do however look forward to spending it here in Ibiza one day in the future!


Today has been a beautiful day, I really do have to pinch myself sometimes at how lucky I am to live in Ibiza , yes life still has it ups and downs but with the sunshine everything doesn’t seem so bad!!


My Ibiza Wedding count down is now 6 Months 3 Weeks !! Not that i am counting 🙂

Besos! Kellie xxxxx


Getting Married in Ibiza??

Lesley&Grant_COLOR_SMALL-517 Today being Valentines day! No better day to talk about Weddings!!! Well why wouldn’t I get married in Ibiza, I do live here so my opinion may be biased, but what a stunning island to get married on, with so many amazing locations. Ibiza being a small Island at 571 km 2, almost six times smaller than Majorca! Now there is a fact! Being a small island it doesn’t affect how much choice is on offer to find your Perfect wedding venue. From beach coves, beautiful hotels, rural locations, stunning villas and Sunset views plus lots of hidden treasures.

As a hairdresser on the island I have been lucky enough to be part of ladies big days, by being their hair stylist for the day. Taking me to too many different areas on the island .What I didn’t realise is a lot of these brides where actually already legally married (through the U.K). Most couples just go to the registry office in their home City or Town with their choice of guests and witnesses, saving the main celebrations and parties for their big day on the island. One bride of mine did say that they exchanged rings during the service but took them off afterwards so that for them it didn’t feel real. You then have a blessing here in Ibiza which everyone treats as their REAL wedding ceremony and wedding! This side of the legalities is normally unknown to the guests and they treat the big day in Ibiza as the official day. This works well as you can do all the legal formalities yourself in the UK in your own language. This is because you can not marry on location here legally. I have since come to realise this is the same all over Europe apart from Cyprus..

When I set upon my own journey this was something that quite concerned me. As for me personally I only want to say my vows once, now this is when I began to look into a church wedding. I always thought I wanted to get married on a beach or villa but once I began to look at some churches in Ibiza I was took back by their beauty! I went to a mass one Sunday morning at the San Jose church and it was so beautiful I quickly changed my mind and decided on a church wedding. Marrying in a church of course makes the marriage legal. Here are the three I looked into as they are close to the afterwards celebrations. From left to right, San Augustin, Es Cubells and San Jose Church. However there are many church’s all over the island for you to choose from.


ibiza_san_agustin_church Es-Cubells w.CIMG0960


The Catholic church requires for at least one of you to be Catholic to marry. The service is either a full mass or half mass. My Fiance is the Catholic so we are able to undertake this journey. Helping us along the way and doing all the paper work is Sam & Johnny @ I first met the couple last summer with my mum & step father. We met in San Carlos and Sam took us through all the paper work, she then took us into San Carlos church and sang ‘Songbird’ the Fleetwood Mac version and can I just say WOW! She brought tears to all our eyes! Sam gives you everything and all the information you need to legally marry here including the completion of a marriage course in the UK. Now as me and my fiance are not in the UK together much we are doing ours on-line which is a great idea, so keep this in mind. Plus you need to get permission off your catholic priest, who will deal with all the paper work in the UK, while Sam deals with all the paper work in Ibiza. Once all is in place plus the other relevant paper work including Birth certificate’s and Baptism certificate’s It can all go ahead, if the church here has the date available that is!

Hope this may have helped you in some way as when I got engaged even after living here for a few years and with experience through my profession of meeting numerous brides I still didn’t realise the complications involved. Now I do I am happy to share it,as a problem shared is a problem solved! Good luck to all you future brides and if you need a hair stylist for your big day please feel free to contact me!

Ibiza really is a stunning island with a lot of love to give to the people who choose to marry here. I don’t believe there is anywhere else in the world I would like to begin my married life!

Happy valentines day x

Kellie – Mrs Tulip to be!! xxx

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Living in Ibiza and having The Salon in the UK.

I first came to Ibiza at a very young age with my parents, it held of lot of lovely memories for me, so when I met my future husband to be and he told me he was born here in Ibiza, you can imagine my excitement! Jose was living in the UK at the time, he had since the age of 3 , he had made the decision to move back to the island to work with his father , who is Ibizican.

So my adventure begun, I visited Jose over a period of two years, in the second year visiting twice a month when possible, you just couldn’t keep me away! Obviously for two reasons Jose & Ibiza 🙂 Then finally the decision was made for me to make the move to the white isle. Having opened my own Salon, ‘The Salon’ in the UK in 2007 I had worked really hard to establish the business and it was becoming a success , so when I made the decision to move to Ibiza I had also decided to keep the business on!

Having come from a family of hairdressers it’s not only a passion of mine its in my blood. I honestly think I was put on this planet to do this! As my job is also my hobby, my love and my passion. So The Salon means a lot to me, a lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into it! I decided when moving to Ibiza that I would commute back for the last 9 days of every month to do my existing and regular client’s. This worked fantastic as I had clients booking their appointments for the year in advance . This also works well for me as we all know Ibiza is a seasonal Island. I have to add I couldn’t do it without my mum who is the nail technician at The Salon, the rest of the team and of course my long-standing clients in the UK.


2014-02-03 10.47.142014-02-03 10.18.24

But I also knew I needed work for when I was in Ibiza I looked into a few respectable salons at the time on the island but decided with going back and forth I wouldn’t be able to commit to them and when I do something I want to give it my all. So then came Stylistic Hair Ibiza , I decided on the name due to the island always being right on trend every summer! As Stylistic Hair I am lucky enough to work alongside the best concierge on the island as well as other companys . Its been quite different for me as I have always been a salon stylist , where now Stylistic Hair I am freelance, but what an island to be freelance on, I can honestly say I have been to places I never knew existed this island has so many hidden treasures! So it’s worked for me , again I have to thank my clients here in Ibiza for being patience when I leave for work at The Salon in the UK.


I do believe you can create anything within you! I have created a life I didn’t know existed! Plus now we are planning our wedding here! I feel lucky and blessed. I do however enjoy going back to the UK regulary to see all my family, friends also now my friends baby’s!

People often ask when will I just settle in one place but if something works then why change it, that day will come when I become a mummy but for now I am just enjoying the ride!

But I am happy to say Ibiza is now the place I call Home!

Kellie X



Welcome to my blog


Welcome to Stylistic Hair’s blog world!


I have decided to write a blog on the run up to my wedding, giving you an insight into my time on the island and useful hints and tips that i pick up along the way during the planning process.This will include my own personal experience’s on the island from a U.K perspective, combined with an island ibizican viewpoint from my future husband and his family. Of course i will include a bit about me and what brought me to the beautiful white isle!! Plus lots of helpful Hair TIPS along the way!

Within my blog i aim to give advice on all aspects of planning a wedding in Ibiza. From churches (including legalities),  to travel, beauty, entertainment, venues, floral arrangements, and all those other important details that make the perfect day.

I think this is a magical island to be wed, and through my own experiences as a stylist and through the weddings i have already witnessed and been a part of, i aim to contribute and help any future brides in making their big day as perfect as can be!

For all you Ibiza brides for 2014 we can take this journey together! 🙂