Back in Ibiza and getting ready for 2018….

So I spent 6 weeks over Christmas and the New Year in the UK, postives of course seeing all my family and friends and being part of their every day life, being back in The Salon full time enjoying working as part of a team and gaining a new member of the team too.. A mini make over for The salon consisting of a freshen up of the paint work and a whole new lighting system . I have had my salon now called THE SALON 11 years and its going strong which makes me so so happy. I just love working in their like I have always said it was my first baby that I created and built up. When you love what you do you only want one way for it to go and that’s onwards and upwards.

The negatives have to be the weather….. Now I sit here and write this as I look out the window here in Ibiza its raining but tomorrow is going to be glorious and that’s the thing here we may get bad days or even a few days on a row in winter but you know its not going to be long term , The sunshine will be back soon and that’s why I love living here. I just wish I could transport family and friends here too! ha. But hey ho, not long till direct flights start rom the North soon.

Last week and this week I have been doing all my regular Ibiza resident client’s, who I am forever grateful to for waiting for me while I have been away. 7 years this April I moved here and that’s 7 years of commuting for the two businesses and building a loyal clientele up, When I think of this is makes me think wow! But I must say, by having the business in Southport and here in Ibiza its developed my skills a lot as I am always learning from my stylists at The Salon and of course keeping my bridal skills updated with regular courses when I go back the UK. I also purchased a new gadget when I was back in the UK and cant wait to use my GHD curve wand to create fabulous beach waves.

I am excited for this year to come and for the season to start here in Ibiza. Yes I love the tranqulity of winter time but I am also too much of a busy bee who likes things going on too. This year when I am speaking to brides I am feeling very excited I think because I was a Ibiza bride myself I can relate so much to it all, but also I know what your day is going to be like , I still smile like a Cheshire cat when thinking of my big day. Your day is going to be amazing too as your choosing to marry here in Ibiza. The beautiful white isle.

If you would like to get in touch for your bridal hair and make up journey then please get in touch and even schedule a bridal phone call with me to chat about your hair ideas .

Kellie X