Elixir Bride Kerri….

July 1st 2018 the wedding day of Kerri had arrived. The wedding venue the breath taking Elixir at Cala Tarida. Kerri had booked me and Hannah of Eyebizamakeup for her wedding day. The morning started at 8 am at the Hawaii Hotel then heading to Kerri’s villa afterwards, her and bridal party all waiting. The wedding preparation was such a fun morning, you could tell these girlys have such a strong friendship. Their was nothing but laughter and smiles all the time me and Hannah worked away.¬†Their is nothing quite like the wedding morning getting often afternoons too, as weddings here are often later due to the heat of course.. The music was playing drinks flowing, excitement in the air. If you could bottle it up am sure it would be worth fortunes….

I first met Kerri last October when she was over to check out her venue Elixir. She had a trial with me and Hannah which went well even though we changed her hair twice over , just a few little peeks here and their. On the day we knew the exact hair look the bride wanted and it fitted perfect with her style of dress. Your hair is their to complement your dress. Wear your hair and make up how you feel pretty and take into consideration the heat. The bridemaid’s all had different hair types and lengths but I created a similar simple romantic up for each of them. I really liked their hair looks… The gorgeous mother of the bride had her hair and make up done and the smile on her face when she seen herself said it all. She looked amazing ..


Kerri had flew a photographer over from the UK I will put her details below and her images are just beautiful! When me and Hannah left Kerri was just about to get dressed , so I didn’t see her till we where kindly sent some pictures and this little video below. Kerri you looked stunning and your hubby scrubbed up well too. But their was one little princess of the day, their little girl who was just adorable … Thanks for letting us be part of your day and maybe see you around in Ibiza again soon xxxx


Hair – Kellie Stylistic Hair Ibiza

Mua – Hannah Eyebizamakeup

Photocraphy –¬†https://www.facebook.com/carlybrownphoto/

Getting Married in Ibiza??

Lesley&Grant_COLOR_SMALL-517 Today being Valentines day! No better day to talk about Weddings!!! Well why wouldn’t I get married in Ibiza, I do live here so my opinion may be biased, but what a stunning island to get married on, with so many amazing locations. Ibiza being a small Island at 571 km 2, almost six times smaller than Majorca! Now there is a fact! Being a small island it doesn’t affect how much choice is on offer to find your Perfect wedding venue. From beach coves, beautiful hotels, rural locations, stunning villas and Sunset views plus lots of hidden treasures.

As a hairdresser on the island I have been lucky enough to be part of ladies big days, by being their hair stylist for the day. Taking me to too many different areas on the island .What I didn’t realise is a lot of these brides where actually already legally married (through the U.K). Most couples just go to the registry office in their home City or Town with their choice of guests and witnesses, saving the main celebrations and parties for their big day on the island. One bride of mine did say that they exchanged rings during the service but took them off afterwards so that for them it didn’t feel real. You then have a blessing here in Ibiza which everyone treats as their REAL wedding ceremony and wedding! This side of the legalities is normally unknown to the guests and they treat the big day in Ibiza as the official day. This works well as you can do all the legal formalities yourself in the UK in your own language. This is because you can not marry on location here legally. I have since come to realise this is the same all over Europe apart from Cyprus..

When I set upon my own journey this was something that quite concerned me. As for me personally I only want to say my vows once, now this is when I began to look into a church wedding. I always thought I wanted to get married on a beach or villa but once I began to look at some churches in Ibiza I was took back by their beauty! I went to a mass one Sunday morning at the San Jose church and it was so beautiful I quickly changed my mind and decided on a church wedding. Marrying in a church of course makes the marriage legal. Here are the three I looked into as they are close to the afterwards celebrations. From left to right, San Augustin, Es Cubells and San Jose Church. However there are many church’s all over the island for you to choose from.


ibiza_san_agustin_church Es-Cubells w.CIMG0960


The Catholic church requires for at least one of you to be Catholic to marry. The service is either a full mass or half mass. My Fiance is the Catholic so we are able to undertake this journey. Helping us along the way and doing all the paper work is Sam & Johnny @ www.weddingceremoniesibiza.com. I first met the couple last summer with my mum & step father. We met in San Carlos and Sam took us through all the paper work, she then took us into San Carlos church and sang ‘Songbird’ the Fleetwood Mac version and can I just say WOW! She brought tears to all our eyes! Sam gives you everything and all the information you need to legally marry here including the completion of a marriage course in the UK. Now as me and my fiance are not in the UK together much we are doing ours on-line which is a great idea, so keep this in mind. Plus you need to get permission off your catholic priest, who will deal with all the paper work in the UK, while Sam deals with all the paper work in Ibiza. Once all is in place plus the other relevant paper work including Birth certificate’s and Baptism certificate’s It can all go ahead, if the church here has the date available that is!

Hope this may have helped you in some way as when I got engaged even after living here for a few years and with experience through my profession of meeting numerous brides I still didn’t realise the complications involved. Now I do I am happy to share it,as a problem shared is a problem solved! Good luck to all you future brides and if you need a hair stylist for your big day please feel free to contact me!

Ibiza really is a stunning island with a lot of love to give to the people who choose to marry here. I don’t believe there is anywhere else in the world I would like to begin my married life!

Happy valentines day x

Kellie – Mrs Tulip to be!! xxx


Photgraphy of bride Ana Lui @ www.analui.com