The Secret



Nearly six years I was in a place in my life where I was enjoying myself living a single life. Enjoying time with my girlfriends then one sunny Sunday afternoon with the family, I decided to go and get my fortune told, what was said when I left that place my life or mind was about to change, not because what I was told about my future, more what I was told to go and buy!!! It was a gent who told me my fortune, half way through the reading he stopped looked at me and said why are you so negative towards men!! I was took back and said I am not to which he replied unfortunately you are. He then went on to say that I would meet the man I was going to marry by the end of the year this being July at the time! But I had to go and buy a book called THE SECRET.


Now when I say this book changed my life I honestly believe it did, when you read the book yes you have to be realistic at times but what is the harm in believing. We live in a world of judgement and perception of whom we should all be. So why not believe in ourselves and our dreams!



I believe every now and again you need things like this in your life to change your perspective to the positive rather than the negative! This is what it did for me with men rather than thinking I always meet the wrong ones ( sorry ex boyfriends) I started to see myself with the type of man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with! The positives I wanted in a partner.. I imagined myself going to parties with him , going on holiday . Not to the extent of planning our wedding but that may have helped me organise my wedding better 🙂 Now even though I say I feel it made me meet the right guy it has changed my life in many other ways too always seeing the good in things , seeing the little things in life as such special things. From a stranger smiling at you, to a little baby giggling or the sun setting after a lovely day.

This also is the key for anything you desire, see it , believe it, dream it!

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Now many of my friends often think I am a bit crazy and at times a bit full on with this! We are all in control of our own destiny and I believe the secret has led me on my path by believing it myself. I use the secret in my everyday life too when I am having a bad day I try to turn it in to a positive and make it in to a good day!

It’s amazing a smile can go a long way!!

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Often I feel the need to pass The Secret on and I feel like I am giving the gift away someone gave me all them years ago! I see how it can change people lives!

Now yes I am realistic and life does have its challenges but making the best of out every situation I believe is the right attitude! You have to be open to The Secret to let it in.

Whats amazing now is living on this amazing island , most houses I visit I see The Secret on most of my clients book shelves, this may of helped them create their life here, just may be .

Ibiza is a very spiritual island and I definitely feel like I am in the right place right now with the natural instinct I get from being here. I love the spirit of this Island and the pure beauty!

Especially as this is where I am going to marry my best friend this September!


Kellie xxx

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