Wedding dress Diet


The realization came in January that my wedding was only 9 months away and I could no longer put off the wedding dress diet which I had been avoiding since getting engaged! The main thing is to find contentment and happiness with in your yourself not matter what shape or size. But I knew the time was getting closer to me finally ordering my wedding dress!! How exciting! I am getting my dress from the UK as I feel there is more choice , you have to remember as Fabulous as this Island is, its very little too.


Since trying it on after Christmas and the underskirt not going over my hips, I knew changes had to be made with my body, like us all or maybe not (but makes me feel better saying that 🙂 ). Feeling content in my relationship and also living between two countries I got into a bad habit with food. Not preparing my meals and eating convenient food most of the time. Now I do prefer healthy food as it stands but it’s just the time and the preparation you need to make time in your life to do..

So my journey began by joining the gym, the owner of the Wedding boutique where I am purchasing my dress from, gave me untill April to lose weight in order to order the dress size in the shop which would not even zip up at the time!! So here goes I went the gym and each time i was there working away at the cross trainer all I could imagine was me in my dress and feeling amazing!!! Often messaging my mum for encouragement!

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I worked out my own little routine in the gym and was steadily losing a pound a week which I was happy with! So when returning for my dress fitting in April, I felt good, putting the dress on and feeling the under skirt drop down, and the zip going up (just not the top 3 inches) but ha its didn’t go up at all at Christmas! I was over the moon, as all you brides to be know when trying on all the bridal dresses you feel like a amazing but when you find THE ONE your feel like a Princess!! So the dress was ordered!

Since returning back to Ibiza I have been very lucky to be offered some personal training sessions with a new company here on the island called Pure Training Ibiza a guy called Tom! I have only done a few sessions , wow I thought I worked hard in the gym this guy is making me ache with pain even struggling to walk! I look drunk when I walk as my legs keep going like jelly!. But I do smile with the pain, as we all know ‘ no pain no gain’……

The only problem is I have to follow Tom’s rules, he said I can have one, yes one treat meal a week not a day!! How strict is he! His mains tips also are too cut of wheat from my diet, cut down on dairy and eat very much like a vegetarian..Plus a lot more of course . His details are below!

The reason behind all this is like us all, I want to feel like I am walking on air on my wedding day….

I write this with the sun beaming through my balcony ,so for any of you brides getting married in Ibiza this year the island is looking mesmerizing.

Wedding countdown 4 Months 14 Days!

Kellie xxxx

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Contact number 0034653358058