A little message to Brides of 2020

So 2020 what a year this will definitely be remembered for, A bit different than what we all initially thought when we started year. So what we don’t know I believe we cant worry about and not put too much emotion into, but yes we all need to be realistic right now too. We have been put on lockdown here for 30 days into day 16 now and this is to protect us and our beautful Island. To hopefully obtain freedom again and go back to normal .

I have spoken to many of my brides for May and the beginning of June who have now postponed to 2021 , If we haven’t spoken yet please feel free to message me whenever. Your secure the date fee can be moved to another date but please be aware I have 2021 brides booked already too for certain dates.

If your wedding is now rearranged or postponed due to this virus, just try and think of it like you have more time to plan and prepare for your perfect day. I know for many brides right now this must be a stressful time with not knowing when things will go back to normal. But all we can do is stay positive and remain calm.

I cant imagine it, as I know when I was planning my wedding the date I set meant everything to me. When considering hens dos, bridesmaids meetings for dress fittings, stag dos and more. These can all be rearranged to and when they do it will be even more enjoyable, because when we get something took away from us we appreciate them so much more. I wanted to write this to reach out to you and say its all going to be ok, you know why? Because our health and our loved ones health is what’s most important right now and that’s why we need to stay home and stay safe… Plus brides its more time to update your Pinterest boards and order more things you may just need : )

Like I have said I am feeling for you all right now but dream of your dream day and it will happen and be the best day ever .

Stay Safe everyone

Love from IBIZA X