Best day of my life! Part 1- The Church.

The morning of my wedding I woke up with my maid of honour with a smile on my face that didn’t leave it all day. The week up to the wedding we were having some rubbish weather in Ibiza so first thing I did was go and check out the balcony doors to which I was greeted with clear blue sky and sunshine.. Very happy lucky lady!

I had been looking forward to my wedding morning being a hairdresser on the island and specialising in wedding hair I have been involved in many ladies wedding morning’s. They are always special with the bride and her bridesmaids chatting giggling and enjoying the celebration of the beginning of an amazing day! My morning so so beautiful my bridesmaids, mum & flower girls for made this so special. When my flowers arrived by the amazing Floral Dreams which where just sooo pretty it was becoming very real I was getting married!!!  It’s all about the little things sometimes! Special moments I will remember all my life, so Thankyou X

Leaving the hotel and walking to my bridal car I felt unbelievably calm, the journey to the church me and my mum chatted and looked forward to what was ahead. When we arrived at the church that’s when the nerves kicked in wowwwwww. I couldn’t believe the emotion that took over me looking over at our ushers, bridesmaids, my brother and dad the tears just started rolling!!! Didnt help my dad was a emotional mess bless him.. This is where my mum gave me a little chat and pulled me together. This picture captures that exact moment. Took by our friend Chris Bevan.

I was to walk in the church Miss Fairfield and walk out Mrs Tulip!


Walking into the church I can’t remember much apart from looking at Jose ( my now husband ) and thinking how handsome he looked!


The church was a very nerve-racking but an amazing experience. Unfortunately I forgot the two lines I had to say, so so just mumbled through them! A few things I do remember from the church the amazing voice of our singer and planner Sam, uncle Joe singing ‘  hallelujah ‘ to the top of his voice, my flower girl bless her snoring on her mummy and every time I looked back seeing everyone smiling towards us . A lot of love was in that church. When the announcement came we where husband and wife I had the most over whelming feeling that I have never felt before to the sound lots of cheers… Walking out the church being greeted by tons of confetti and cheers was just unbelievable!


Outside the church we got congratulated by all our friends and family and of course lots of cuddle’s and kisses!! We have pre ordered drinks outside the church for all our guests to celebrate our marriage with a glass of bubbly! Cant have a wedding without champagne now can we! Lots of pictures where taken, I haven’t yet received my wedding pictures by the talented Ana Lui . I  do however love all my friends and family’s so I cant wait to see hers…… Here are a few !!



When planning my wedding our first decision was to marry at a venue, But because of the legal side of marrying abroad meant we where to marry in a church I believe this was fate as marrying in this Spanish church San Augustine was just Perfect….

It was the most moving experience of my life!

From the church we headed off in our white rolls Royce as husband and wife to our wedding venue Cas Mila. For more love, laughs, and fun to be had!

To be continued….. A very happy content Mrs T….. X