Ibiza in Winter

Many people only ever visit the island in summer, so many think Ibiza is this way all year. I am now into my third winter here and can truly say it is alot quieter but we get to enjoy the beauty that is Ibiza and experience things on the island that are not possible during the summer. Also not many people know that come the beginning of November Direct flights stop from almost all Airports across the UK and Europe. BA are the only airline that fly direct to ibiza through out the winter, but only from London City.  I myself when I commute back to the UK for work at The Salon I have to catch a connecting flight via Madrid, Barcelona or Alicante. I use these airports as I find it easier to find connecting flights to my destination of Liverpool. But roll on April when the direct flights start again as 2 flights a day with a wait inbetween can make it a long day travelling.

Now I myself being a freelance hairdresser on the island I love the influx of tourists that come to the island, otherwise how would we all survive. However come November when the tourists have all departed, the island has time to heal and repair itself after a busy summer. For those living here all year also have chance to enjoy the island with the roads being quieter and work schedules lighter, beaches virtually empty and also a chance to catch up with friends and Family.

My first winter here I did struggle with the difference between seasons, but now I look forward to the winter as each summer comes to an end. Also this now being my third winter here I have built up a clientele to keep me busy, plus we have made more friends as time has gone on. Also in the Winter we get time to spend time with Jose’s father and siblings. Jose father Pepe being Ibicenco has introduced us to a lot of traditional restaurants on the island. He often takes us to the middle of no where in the country, where we eat traditional Ibicenco dishes like Bullit de Peix ,  this is a selection of fresh fish smothered in a garlic sauce, then after this a second dish is made from the stock from the fresh fish in the bullit to make a paella style rice which you eat directly from the pan! When i first saw this I did think my food is yellow! But don’t knock it till you try it, it’s actually really tasty and now one of my favourite dishes. A dish for you to try when visiting Ibiza!!!


The spring seems to have come earlier this year in Ibiza and a few weeks ago we went to see the beautiful almond blossom in Santa Agnes. Santa Agnes is near San Antonio and is like a hidden beauty and the opposite of San Antonio centre. It’s very rural, quiet and tranquil.  We go every year as it is just so beautiful! We seem to always pick a good weekend too as there is often a BBQ going on, so a good atmosphere in the beauty of the almond blossom trees. Ibiza people actually say the blossom coming out is signifying the start of Spring! This normally happens between January and February.



Being  a Freelance Hairdresser at Stylistic Hair I get to visit clients houses all over the island, which I feel very lucky as I get to see the true beauty of Ibiza especially when I go to my clients in the north and get to drive through the stunning country side. If only my eyes could take pictures!! I also work for an elite concierge company in the Summer where I visit some beautiful Villas and locations to do clients hair. Some of these amazing villas and yachts, I have only ever seen in magazines, so just being able to witness them first hand is incredible, which I just love! My Hairdressing career has always been salon based but in Ibiza i am freelance I personally wouldn’t want to be in a salon at the moment as i would miss out on seeing this Island!

I do leave Ibiza for Christmas every year to spend the time in the UK as my Salon ‘The Salon’ is extremely busy with clients wanting to look and feel fabulous for the festive season, and also to spend the special season with our family’s there! I do however look forward to spending it here in Ibiza one day in the future!


Today has been a beautiful day, I really do have to pinch myself sometimes at how lucky I am to live in Ibiza , yes life still has it ups and downs but with the sunshine everything doesn’t seem so bad!!


My Ibiza Wedding count down is now 6 Months 3 Weeks !! Not that i am counting 🙂

Besos! Kellie xxxxx