Summer is in full flow 2019..

I really need to start blogging more , what a season it has been so far I have been so lucky to be part of so many ladies special days. I will blog about a few soon I promise. Your wedding day its so special. I have mentioned this before but being married myself and having my wedding here in Ibiza I get so caught up in all the emotion of everyone day. Ibiza bring a certain vibe to weddings here. People often say to me have I ever had any bridezillas and the answer is no.  Every bride here is normally super excited for their day ahead and just beaming with happiness. I am getting many wedding bookings for 2020 & 2021 so don’t leave it too late to enquire. Also I will be doing trails in the UK at The Salon Southport which is just north of Liverpool . If your interested message me for dates.

But I just wanted to come on here and say hi and that the island is busier than ever. Its hot hot hot and am loving summer 2019!


Kellie xxx