The run up to My Ibiza Wedding!

Well I can say I am now a married woman! But my first blog about my wedding I want to tell you all about the week to ten days before!

Now like most brides to be the coming weeks up to your wedding can be a mixed bag of emotions! I actually loved all this one minute I couldn’t sleep, next I was on the phone to my mum in the UK stressing over last-minute bits! Getting everyone including the mother in law to go on missions. Last minute emails to the venue, church, florist, photographer…. Do you know we didn’t even decide our first dance song till the night before.. So many decisions to make!!

When the day arrived for my first arrivals I was up at the crack of dawn literally watching the sun rise on my balcony, wanting a glass of champers but settled for a green tea ( for the wedding diet of course) ! I got to the airport to greet my girlfriends, their other halves and their minis! Airports have been a mixture of emotions for me over the years but this day it was the best feeling it the world, it was the beginning of my wedding! This is when the fun would begin!

Now I did say on my big wedding diet the run up to the wedding I wasnt going to drink that much! Well the girls all arrived at the hotel and the drinks started flowing!! So I can say the drinking before didn’t last a couples of hours! ha ha. Each and everyday more and more of our friends and family arrived! Honesty each and every person that arrived was more and more exciting knowing these people had made this journey for our special day and a holiday of course.. Getting married in San Augustine church and having the reception in Cas Mila I had recommended everyone stay in the area on Port Es Torrent as Jose’s father owns a beach bar here called Bull Bar so this could be our base for the next two weeks!

The week before the wedding was great fun, hen dos, stag dos, going on a boat for the day round the island with the girls. This was special to me as I got to show them Ibiza, the stunning beaches, the coastline, amazing houses plus we got to sail round Es Vedra with me explaining the story of the magnetic rock… Very special. But then two days before the wedding the nerves kicked in! I found myself up every morning for breakfast but couldn’t actually eat much a mix of nerves and excitement….

The night before the wedding was our rehearsal dinner we had this in a new venue called Dharma up in port es torrent. Our friends and family where in different hotels so this was perfect as we were all together for the first time! This is when it all became very real! Having everyone with us apart from our friends from Ibiza and a few family members this was us! We all mingled and chatted and enjoyed a mix of bbq and paella!! We tried to introduce a few people to the Spanish food but unfortunately didn’t go down so well with some people not eating as most people wanted meat!! Leaving the venue i say my goodbyes as a Fairfield ! The last words from my husband to be was ‘ Kellie please dont be too late’ 🙂




So then it was I went off to my hotel where I was staying with my maid of honour and bestest friend of 31 years Gemma! The next day was to be my wedding day! The last 18 months of preparation and the day I had been day dreaming of since the day we got engaged!!!!!

I didnt think I would sleep but after a glass or two of Bubbly with Gemma we sure did!

Kellie xxx