Wedding of Ann Marie & Paul

Working on Ann Marie’s wedding was more than a pleasure! You see me and Ann Marie go back a few years, 4 to be correct! I first met this beautiful lady on a flight from Ibiza back to the UK. I was sat next to her and her now husband Paul…. Ear wigging on her and Paul’s conversation I heard that they where planning their wedding here in Ibiza, now as a new business over here in Ibiza, I knew it was my chance to maybe get a new client! Terrible it sounds but it turned out to develop not only in me doing Ann Maire ‘s hair for her wedding but also we struck a friendship am sure we will last for a long time!

I had passed my business card on and got chatting to Ann Marie 4 years ago this lady got home from her holidays to find they had brought more than expected home from Ibiza, a little bundle of joy she was pregnant with her now cute little boy Louis! So the wedding got delayed of course..

Ann Marie then got back in touch with me to tell me her news and we kept in touch! Then when she began to plan her wedding all over again I was actually planning mine too! Same church San Augustine and same venue Cas Mila at Cala Tarida! So there we where on our journey together her wedding was also only a month before mine!

Ann Marie was such an amazing help to me I really don’t think I would have been able to plan it the way I did with out her help! So all you brides to be don’t be scared to ask another fellow bride for a bit of advice!

On the day of the wedding I felt I knew Ann Marie family quite well as we had spent at least once a week chatting all night on Facebook sharing ideas and asking questions,,, what are your favours? what are your table names? Your friends and family can get bored with this but fellow brides love it like we did!!! Our husbands to be I think were glad we had each other to talk too 🙂 On the day of the wedding it was a hot August day the wedding party where staying in an incredible villa just up the road from San Augustine church. The wedding morning went smoothly with the bride herself beaming having her hair and make up done! Ann Marie’s dress was gorgeous and the bridesmaids dresses where beautiful too!

For Ann Marie’s hair we had discussed it many times if to have it up or down , now of course she was getting married in August so we had discussed the problems of heat and humidity. Ann Marie had decided to have her hair down in louse curls she had ordered a vintage looking headband to match her dress as you can see it fitted in perfect and set the whole look off I think! Her bridemaids were told they could have their hair how they wanted just to stick to a feminine look, which we did on each on the bridesmaids I think their hair complimented Ann Marie’s perfect. Each of them looked beautiful too especially Ann Marie daughter Emmy! Who looked liked a princess!

The key is for humidity is plenty of styling products and also a good idea to wash your hair the night before your wedding rather than on the day!


I had loved the theme Ann Marie had gone for as we have very similar taste! She had even made her own order of service which where very pretty! On her wedding day she looked stunning as you can see! I loved her dress and she was just glowing with happiness!

10473775_10205162899059119_4209426992395886058_n (1)
10721124_10152367851297544_1135565126_nI was honored to be part of your day and Thank you for all the help you gave me! Here is to us boring each other talking about our weddings and everything else for years to come! 🙂

Congratulations to the Nutters!!

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